Rhenus Lub — respect and performance

As a company that operates internationally, we are aware of the responsibility we have for our corporate actions. That's why we are championing social justice around the globe and in the Lower Rhine region, particularly in the vicinity of our company headquarters in Mönchengladbach. In this regard, the Rhenus Lub owner family is focusing on individual, carefully selected initiatives and projects. After all, Rhenus Lub believes in respect and dedication, and therefore in social commitment at a personal level.

A healthy diet at school

Rhenus Lub delivers on its commitment to social responsibility via a number of projects based in the region around the company headquarters. A good example of one of these projects is the Förderzentrum Nord special education centre in Mönchengladbach. The school focuses on the key areas of learning, emotional and social development and language, and has been receiving financial support from Rhenus Lub since 2012. Thanks to this support, a new educational specialist has recently been employed to open the school café before classes begin, giving students the opportunity to enjoy a healthy breakfast and therefore make a balanced diet a key component of their school day. The cafe also offers students a secure environment in which they can interact with a person that they trust.


From left to right: Isabella Kleeschulte (Marketing at Rhenus Lub), Marvin, Sabine Rother (Teacher), Florian, Barbara Junker (Head of the school), Dr. Max Reiners (owner of Rhenus Lub), Wolfram Esser (Coordinator at the Ev. Jugend- und Familienhilfe support association). 

Ensuring corporate sustainability: The UN Global Compact initiative

In keeping with the values rooted in the corporate culture at Rhenus Lub, as an active member of the UN's Global Compact initiative—the largest and most important network for corporate sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the world—we are supporting human rights, working standards and environmental protection for the long term. The aim is to make the economy fairer and more sustainable within our sphere of influence and to address current problems.


Promoting a positive image for the city: The Mönchengladbach Initiativkreis

Since its founding in the spring of 2003, the members of the Mönchengladbach Initiativkreis or initiative forum have taken it upon themselves to encourage initiative and provide food for thought in their home city so as to actively shape the city's future and opportunities, and to promote the city's appeal beyond the local area. Rhenus Lub too has been part of this group since the very beginning, supporting positive development and promoting Mönchengladbach as a location and its people. For Rhenus Lub owner Dr Max Reiners, this commitment is corporate responsibility in action.

Jody Williams - The Mönchengladbach Initiativkreis Rhenus Lub managing director Dr Max Reiners (r.) thanks Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Jody Williams (centre) for her keynote speech on the benefit of a better world

To realise the underlying goals in practice, the Mönchengladbach Initiativkreis regularly invites Nobel Prize winners and respected forward-thinkers to give keynote addresses in the city, such as former Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan and human rights activist Jody Williams, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, base-jumper and extreme sportsman Felix Baumgartner, chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall and the Dalai Lama.

Kofi Anan - The Mönchengladbach InitiativkreisVisiting Mönchengladbach: Nobel Peace Prize winner Kofi Annan signs the city's Golden Book, a record of visiting dignitaries

In total, the Initiativkreis can look back on more than 70 events involving globally renowned and influential participants. Rhenus Lub managing director Dr Max Reiners has already served twice as patron of the forum, welcoming Nobel Peace Prize winners Kofi Annan and Jody Williams to Mönchengladbach.


Peace begins in the mind: The Catholic Peace Foundation

The Catholic Peace Foundation and the Hamburg-based Institute for Theology and Peace that it supports, have been studying the ethics of peace for more than 30 years, contributing their findings to current political and theological debate. A concept for a new doctrine of peace is the primary aim. 

The foundation's guiding principle is "peace begins in the mind". Under a project of the same name, Rhenus Lub has committed itself to being a "peacemaker", facilitating the creation of a new workspace for research in the field of European foreign and security policy.


Helping to shape the city's future: The MG3.0 master plan

The MG3.0 master plan draws on the strengths of Mönchengladbach, underlines these and enhances them further to create new urban development qualities. Following in the footsteps of the monks of the Abteiberg and the textile industry of the 19th century in developing the city, initiators and sponsors from the business world have now established the MG3.0_Master Plan for Mönchengladbach Association. The Association, a citizens' initiative, commissioned the office of British architect Sir Nicholas Grimshaw to create the master plan, providing financing and support.

The MG3.0 master planFuture vision for the Gladbach valley: The landscape planning concept envisages extension of the parkland along Lake Geroweiher

MG3.0 is a gift to the city of Mönchengladbach. Its aim, among other things, is to emphasise the unique character of Mönchengladbach and to support it in competing for skills, investors and expertise—with a view to ensuring a healthy economy, dynamic networking, a pulsating city and a vibrant society.

As a sponsor, Rhenus Lub is backing the gradual implementation of many individual measures recommended by the master plan. The expertise needed in this respect can be financed thanks to the extraordinary level of dedication by the business community. More than €930,000 has already gone into implementing the master plan. In collaboration with the municipal authorities, planning is currently under way for more than ten individual measures.


Encouraging healthy mealtimes: PausenPower eG

Inspired by the Social Business concept developed by Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus—who has also visited Mönchengladbach at the invitation of the Initiativkreis—PausenPower eG was set up in March 2012. Members of this not-for-profit cooperative have tasked themselves with addressing social, ecological and social problems.

Encouraging healthy mealtimes: PausenPower eGA balanced and delicious diet: Based on the idea of Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus (l.), Rhenus Lub is supporting regular healthy lunches for school children.

Rhenus Lub is one of the cooperative's founding members and, as a supporter of the balanced and healthy lunch scheme, is supporting the students of the Anne Frank Special School in Mönchengladbach. Research has shown that when it comes to nutrition among primary school children, the need for assistance is greatest in the inner city.

Under the supervision of a nutritional scientist, the boys and girls learn how to prepare balanced meals for themselves and what good food tastes like. The shared lunch has been an integral part of life at the Anne Frank Special School for many years.


Christmas donations replace Christmas cards

Instead of investing in sending Christmas cards, Rhenus Lub prefers to get involved in social projects and programmes in its home city of Mönchengladbach in the run-up to Christmas.

This has enabled a 1,500 m2 playground to be completely modernised in the Dahlener End neighbourhood in the Rheindahlen area of the city, in collaboration with the city authorities. An exciting exploration zone has been created for children from the area to discover and play in.

At "Rainbow House", in the Rheindahlen area of the city, Rhenus Lub is supporting healthy child development and encouraging children to be more active. The parents' initiative, which runs a day centre for children aged four months to six years, has set itself the goal of promoting the development of our youngest members of society through care and early education. The support of Rhenus Lub has enabled new activity equipment to be purchased such as training bikes, a roller slide and other play materials to add to the centre's activity apparatus.