Labelling requirements lifted for simpler use

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rhenus ACK 2 chisel paste without hazard symbols Anyone who works with lubricants is regularly confronted with the associated hazard labelling. These symbols provide the user with important information about how the product must be handled to ensure risk-free [...]

Steel production demands outstanding lubricants

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For decades, architects and builders have been relying on steel as a strong component of stable high-rise buildings and bridges. But this versatile material is also used for underwater pipelines and even everyday goods such as knives and forks. [...]

Multi-purpose greases: Is lithium the only answer?

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Moving to calcium-based products at an early stage stabilises the budgeting process When it comes to multi-purpose greases, lithium-based products dominate the worldwide market. Two of the main reasons many engineers and users favour lithium greases are their properties [...]