Fluid management — rhenus lubrineering

reduce unit costs — permanently

Reduce your manufacturing costs by up to 30% with rhenus lubrineering, the latest generation in fluid management systems — a unique combination of high-performance products (lubricants) and specialised process knowledge (engineering).We take over, take care of and optimise your on-going fluid process in a phase concept.

Thanks to rhenus lubrineering, Rhenus Lub is able to offer a unique advanced fluid management system that is guaranteed to lead to cost savings and process improvements. All influential aspects in the use of fluids in the metalworking industry are viewed as a whole and made transparent by the Rhenus Lub identification number system.

Advantages at a glance

  • More efficient than a conventional fluid management system
  • Higher output through a stable fluid process
  • Added value concept — you save more than the costs for lubricants
  • Gradual optimisation of the coolants used
  • Reduction in tolerance limits of different fluid parameters
  • Higher quality of your products
  • We contractually assure you that your investment will pay off!

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