Lubricating greases from Rhenus Lub – constant performance under any conditions

rhenus lubricating greases are used in a variety of industries on all continents. Some of them include:

  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Construction industry and tunneling
  • Food industry
  • Steel industry
  • Transport industry – from automobile components through to rail

Rhenus Lub is one of the preferred development partners to the rolling bearing industry with its founded chemical and tribological know-how.

For-Life lubricating greases from Rhenus Lub

The highest demands in resilience and durability are placed on gears, rolling bearings and joints. rhenus lubricate greases are therefore taken into consideration as a construction element early on and ensure that components can performed throughout their life span – without constantly relubricating.

Responsibility towards people and the environment

  • No marking obligation
  • Approvals, authorizations and certificates from various international companies
  • rhenus Bio-Lubricating greases: fully degradable through biochemical processes in the ground or water
  • rhenus food greases: certified according to NSF H1 guidelines, Halal and Koscher
  • Lubricating greases comply with DIN EN ISO 21469:2006

Greases from Rhenus Lub are used in various sectors and branches; they are oxidation-resistant, non-ageing and have approvals, authorizations and certificates from various international companies.

Product brochure lubricating greases
(DIN A4, single pages)

Product brochure lubricating greases
(DIN A3, double pages)

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