rhenus FluidSafe – the world’s only measurement system of its kind for your metalworking fluid. For fully automated, real-time measurement of the four most important MWF parameters – for safe and precise control of your processes.

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The quality of the metalworking fluid plays a significant role in successful production processes. rhenus FluidSafe provides continuous, real-time monitoring of:

  • Concentration
  • pH
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Bacterial content

The system can be fully integrated into your Industry 4.0 processes and ensures the optimum use of resources.

Make use of the MWF check and ask our team about the benefits for your production process!

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With our MWF check, we provide you with on-site support. Our experts uncover opportunities for optimisation and
provide you with comprehensive advice on everything relating to metalworking fluids.

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Modern MWF measurement
for modern production

The monitoring of metalworking fluids is a labour and cost-intensive task. Regular inspections using different measurement tools, such as refractometers or dipsticks, and the associated documentation draw resources away from your core process.

The results and derived measures often arrive late and are inefficient.

The fully automated FluidSafe LubControlSystem continuously monitors all parameters and allows interventions and corrections – e.g. to tackle exponential growth of bacteria – at a very early stage.

Your advantages at a glance


Continuous monitoring
– consistent MWF quality


Fully automated and
transparent thanks to key figures


Low intervention
thresholds for corrections


Reliable, stable
metalworking fluids


Longer fluid
service lives


Reduced consumption
of concentrate and additives


Resource savings


Improved cost-effectiveness

rhenus FluidSafe

Garantiert höchste Sicher­heit
für Ihre Prozess­abläufe

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