Climate Neutrality: our journey towards greater sustainability

We take responsibility for our environment – by adopting specific measures aimed at achieving comprehensive sustainability. We do our bit to ensure that future generations can also look forward to a liveable future on our planet. This is an integral part of how we do business – and a core belief of Rhenus Lub and its partners.

Climate-neutral since 2022: with a focus on sustainable success

Rhenus Lub has been a climate-neutral company since 2022. We achieve this either by avoiding or reducing emissions or by offsetting them with climate-protection certificates. We’re clear about our commitment to the international targets of the Paris Climate Accords, and we strive for transparency when it comes to our emissions balance sheet. In recent years, we’ve taken considerable steps in order to achieve reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

This is how we achieve climate neutrality: with independent certification by Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG, a company specialising in sustainability consulting. The next step towards a brighter future.

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Climate neutrality: what does it mean?

The concept of the clean development mechanism, as set out in the Kyoto Protocol, enables greenhouse gas emissions that are unavoidable in one location to be reduced elsewhere. As emissions are dispersed evenly within the atmosphere, it makes no difference to the overall balance sheet where the emissions are produced and where the savings are achieved. Companies can therefore purchase certificates from specific climate-protection projects, with each certificate representing one tonne of CO2 saved in the respective project. In this way, it is possible to achieve a neutral balance sheet.

Sustainability report 2021

Shaping change with climate-protection projects

We’re conscious that climate protection and emissions savings are a global responsibility. With this in mind, we rely on selected projects as part of our commitment to climate protection – where it has the greatest impact: in areas that are decisive in terms of sustainability and that help us to meet our environmental, economic and social responsibilities.

  • Generation of wind energy in Turkey
  • Generation of electricity from hydropower in Turkey and India
  • Energy generation from biogas in the Netherlands
  • Reduced emissions thanks to public transport in India
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Measurable sustainability

We work with independent institutions to ensure clarity. Here, the product carbon footprint (PCF) and corporate carbon footprint (CCF) play a central role. We take a transparent and data-led approach to determining the emissions that are ascribed to the product and the company. We analyse in order to optimise – and always with a view to achieving even greater sustainability overall.

How are our company’s emissions calculated?

The calculation of our company’s emissions is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and was carried out and verified by independent experts from Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG. Account is taken of various emission types, including not only the direct greenhouse gases from our own energy systems but also emissions produced indirectly (in supplying energy to the company). Other indirect emissions also arise throughout the value chain.

Sustainable production: corporate carbon footprint (CCF)

As a company, we’re working step by step to improve our sustainability. We use the corporate carbon footprint to document our journey – and we’ve been climate-neutral since 2022. In order to reduce the CCF on a long-term basis, we’re already taking numerous steps to achieve emissions savings.

Sustainable products: product carbon footprint (PCF)

How much CO2 does a product give rise to? We work with an independent institute and our partners along the supply chain to determine the exact carbon footprint for selected products in our portfolio. An important benchmark for greater comparability.

Our commitment to sustainability

We’re united by sustainable ideas. Across the generations for people, machines and the environment. Versatile and multifaceted as the basis of our company philosophy.

  • Resource-efficient production is of the utmost importance to us – with carefully selected raw materials that have a decisive influence on the reduction of emissions in production, use and disposal.
  • We stand up for safe working conditions and hence offer metalworking fluids that are free of amines and boric acid – and therefore especially kind to the skin.
  • In our research and development, we’re committed to sustainability as a driver of innovation. We’re therefore testing metalworking fluids that contain plant-based base oils and bio-based additives.
  • We stand up for greater sustainability in industrial applications. With our biodegradable greases, environmental protection is child’s play – and certified according to DIN CEN/TR 16227.
  • We provide support on the ground with funding projects that prioritise social commitment, particularly when it comes to offering young people the prospect of a brighter future.

UN Global Compact: sustainable and fair

The Global Compact initiative of the United Nations aims to develop a sustainable and fair economy. As a long-standing member of the initiative, we are also committed to that objective. We act responsibly and stand up for human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. Of course, we see the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as an integral part of these efforts.

Global Compact

Sustainability reports

Sustainability report 2021


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