Perfectly optimised for every application and maximum performance

We’ve been developing special greases with and for industry for 140 years. Our mission: to ensure that machines and systems suffer less wear and enjoy longer service lives.

Lubricating greases from Rhenus Lub deliver top performance in a wide range of industries, applications and environmental conditions – they’re ideally suited to your use case.

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Food industry


Roller bearings


rhenus special greases make all the difference

There are numerous advantages to choosing Rhenus Lub as your partner:

  • Wide range of greases for almost any application in our portfolio
  • Targeted development of special greases for your application with our internal research and development department
  • Consistently high quality, even with extreme temperatures and loads
  • Approvals from international companies for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries
  • Wide selection of highly environmentally friendly and biodegradable greases
  • Oxidation and water resistance, long service life

Special greases for your application:

  • Lithium-saponified lubricating greases
  • Lithium-complex lubricating greases
  • Calcium-saponified lubricating greases 
  • Lithium/calcium-saponified lubricating greases
  • Sodium-saponified lubricating greases
  • Bentonite lubricating greases
  • Aluminium-complex lubricating greases
  • Polyurea greases

Depending on their formulation, rhenus special greases offer the following properties and advantages:

  • Low-temperature resistance
  • High-temperature performance
  • Oxidation and water resistance
  • Corrosion-protection properties
  • Suitability for high loads
  • Long service life
  • Plastic and elastomer compatibility
  • Food safety (NSF H1, 3H)
  • Biodegradability (according to OECD standards)
  • EU Ecolabel (www.ecolabel.eu)

Other advantages of rhenus special greases:

Lubricating greases are made up of base oils, thickeners and additives to improve their properties. Among other things, our targeted, application-specific development process ensures:


  • Low lubricant consumption
  • Longer relubrication intervals
  • Long-term retention at the friction point
  • Reliable sealing
  • Protection against the ingress of water and dirt 
  • Excellent dampening of noise and vibration

A tried-and-tested product or a new development – it all depends on the application

Our portfolio of tried-and-tested special greases includes an extensive range of products for many industries, applications and environmental conditions.


For your specific application and for new developments, we’re on hand to act as an expert partner by providing help and advice – and, if necessary, we have our own laboratory and test benches for physical/chemical analyses.


In underground and open-cast mining, in steelworks, in agriculture or in forestry – valuable machines and systems require effective protection against environmental influences. Whether they’re exposed to heat, cold, humidity or dry conditions – your valuable capital goods, machinery and equipment are safe with special greases from Rhenus Lub.

Our expert team will be happy to advise you on how to choose the right product. Leave the work to us – we’ll be happy to help!

New development

Lubricants are an important design element in mechanical engineering. The sooner in the development process you factor in selecting the right lubricating grease, the better you can build on the lasting performance of your products. Our team is happy to assist with this process – by providing advice on our tried-and-tested portfolio of lubricating greases and on the development of new, application-specific products for your use case.

We’ll develop a lubricant to suit your requirements – give us a try!

Working together to boost value creation

No matter how different industries may be, they are united by high standards of quality and process safety


Lubricants as a design element


The timely selection of a suitable lubricant provides advantages when it comes to new designs.

Read about a specific application here and learn more about special greases as a design element.

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Grease helps to reduce noise


Optimisations during the current series are a real challenge – particularly in the automotive industry.

Find out how Rhenus Lub overcomes challenges with its development expertise and in-house laboratory capacity.

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Partner for long-term field testing


It goes without saying that the largest machine in the world needs the right lubricant in order to withstand wind and weather.

Find out how Rhenus Lub acts as a development partner, handling the full range of tasks – from experimental design to analysis and evaluation.

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Customer-specific innovation


Environmentally friendly lubricants are becoming an increasingly important factor in every industry.

Rhenus Lub develops a completely new lubricant – according to specific customer requirements, environmentally friendly, and customised.

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