Water-miscible coolants

Water-miscible coolants from Rhenus Lub are an integral part of production at many companies – providing long tool lives and excellent surface quality when it comes to the machining of metals and composites.

Our products meet the highest standards – including and especially in terms of environmental friendliness and compatibility with health.

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Water-miscible coolants – indispensable for high-tech processes

Different materials, different machining techniques, and increasing requirements in terms of quality and produced quantities – standard just isn’t good enough in machining applications.

With our water-miscible metalworking fluids, you benefit from our vast experience in the development and application of metalworking fluids: you’ll find the right metalworking fluid for your application here. We’ll also be happy to advise you on everything from optimising consumption to environmentally friendly disposal.

Our range of MWF products for every application:

  • boron-free, amine-free and formaldehyde-free metalworking fluids
  • two-component metalworking fluids
    machining of magnesium, aluminium alloys, titanium, non-ferrous metals, nickel-based alloys, cast iron, steel and stainless steel
  • also suitable for the machining of composite materials

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The right choice

KSS Broschüre

There are many factors involved in choosing the optimum metalworking fluid. Our specialist advisers will be happy to help as part of an on-site visit – by applying the tried-and-tested, systematic approach of our fluid management. In doing so, we always take a holistic view of the situation.

  • What does the machining process involve?
  • What tool types and parameters (cutting speed, feed rate) are used?
  • What materials are machined?
  • What are the requirements in terms of manufacturing tolerances and surface quality?
  • What are the key system parameters (filling quantity, filter system, metalworking fluid pressure)?
  • What legal provisions have to be taken into account?
  • What is the optimum form of process integration?
  • How can the medium be disposed of?

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Your advantages at a glance



Environmental compatibility



Special MWFs for extra skin protection



Low-foaming MWFs with a powerful cooling effect



Low top-up rates and high cutting speeds



Reduction of wear and maintenance costs



For all materials and material-machining processes



Long service lives of metalworking fluid and tools



Especially high surface quality and dimensional stability

Example applications

Composite Bearbeitung

Composite machining

The wet machining of composites has two key advantages: health protection and improved cost-effectiveness.

Potentially carcinogenic fine dust released during dry machining spreads unimpeded through the production facility, causing maximum allowable concentrations to be exceeded and posing a long-term risk to the health of employees.

Rhenus Lub MWFs absorb and reliably remove particles of fine dust – thereby minimising workplace contamination.

Further advantages:

  • improved tool lives
  • higher feed rate and cutting speed
  • significant increase in surface quality

The ideal all-rounder 

rhenus TS 440 is ideally suited to numerous materials and machining methods. It offers long-term stability and is easy to handle.

rhenus TS 440 is free of harmful additives such as secondary amines, boric acid and formaldehyde depots. The MWF is classified in the lowest German water hazard class (WGK 1).

No compromises on performance! rhenus TS 440 exhibits excellent foaming behaviour, and its long-term stability also impresses across the board.

Rhenus Lub Allrounder
Magnesiumbearbeitung KSS

Product of choice for magnesium machining 

rhenus XF 80 MG is ideal for demanding magnesium machining processes. The metalworking fluid is highly emulsion-stable and results in only a low level of magnesium dissolution.

It also minimises hydrogen formation and interference with magnesium alloys.

Very long service lives, minimal replenishment concentrations and optimum flushing properties deliver an effective reduction in your process costs.

Performance at all levels

Performance and health protection are particular challenges when it comes to metalworking fluids. rhenus FU 800 addresses both these challenges in a high-performance package.

When developing rhenus FU 800, we dispensed with any constituents that are today known to be allergenic or harmful to health or the environment.

A metalworking fluid without harmful constituents, with no additional labelling requirements, and that is environmentally friendly and kind to the skin – all while delivering maximum performance.

A clear competitive advantage for your production process.

rhenus FU800
Zerspanung Rhenus Lub

Perfect machining of aluminium and non-ferrous metals

rhenus TU 446 is based on non-volatile amines and is free of boric acid and formaldehyde.

Accordingly, it is ideal for use in the machining not only of aluminium and non-ferrous metals, but also of cast iron and steel.

Excellent long-term stability, optimum rinsing properties and maximum corrosion protection give you a competitive lead in production.

Effective occupational safety with maximum performance 

The rhenus 700 series offers long-term stability, low foaming during machining and excellent material compatibility – characteristics that we believe are a matter of course.

With its safe handling and protection against corrosion or discolouration even in demanding applications – such as the grinding or heavy-duty machining of stainless steels or aluminium alloys – the rhenus 700 series is the ideal choice.

rhenus 700er-Reihe

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