Choosing the right lubricant

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Environmental friendliness and maximum performance

A leading manufacturer in the commercial vehicle supply industry wanted to replace the grease currently used in one of its products with a biodegradable alternative.

Initial situation

As a key element of the customer’s corporate strategy, the management decided to switch one application over to a biodegradable grease. This decision was followed by an invitation to tender, in which the company wrote to various eligible suppliers – that is, lubricant manufacturers.

The grease is used to lubricate the bearing surface (main plate or fifth wheel coupling) of articulated lorries and is supplied via a central lubrication system located under the main plate, to which it is applied at five lubrication points. This bearing surface is exposed to considerable stresses due to both the semi-trailer and the effects of weather. Particularly in the event of longer service lives, the openly accessible lubrication point means that the lubricating grease can also enter the environmental cycle, as this is an example of “total loss lubrication”.


The customer’s request included clear requirements for the lubricating grease in terms of quality, special characteristics and price structure:

  • cost-neutral implementation
  • compliance with all automotive standards (VDA etc.)
  • biodegradable; testing by an external institute
  • minimal contamination by iron particles
  • surface adhesion; wear and corrosion protection
  • minimal separation of oil (at high temperatures, the thickener separates from the base oil)
  • pressure-resistant, e.g. to compression and movement due to the semi-trailer
  • temperature and weather-resistant
  • suitability for central lubrication systems; flowable across the entire temperature range from -40°C to +100°C
  • green colouration; chemical identification marker


Our targeted development process and in-house testing capabilities identified a suitable base grease, which was then specifically adapted with the help of additives.

Ultimately, this led to the development of a calcium-saponified grease with a synthetic, biodegradable base oil.

Convincing factors for our customer included:

  • a high level of development expertise and an integral concept of development, product management, support and service
  • compliance with the upper price limit thanks to optimum handling of the customer’s request
  • reputation, industry expertise and the necessary certifications
  • all of which resulted in: a high-performance grease that meets the customer’s requirements

Further advantages

  • Thanks to our comprehensive industry experience, we get to grips with problems quickly and precisely
  • Our internal development expertise, with in-house testing capacity, allows rapid and targeted implementation of requirements during the development of a new grease
  • With a compact team and numerous synergies, we are both cost-efficient and competitive
  • We are a global supplier with products available worldwide

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