The optimised use of metalworking fluids is a key factor in the efficiency of your processes. rhenus lubrineering drives advances in your fluid process – cost-optimised, resource-efficient and sustainable.


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Fluid management is the key to success

With fluid management services from Rhenus Lub, you can relax and let us handle all matters relating to metalworking fluids. From selection of the optimum product to safe use and disposal, our service team deals with every task that arises.

You benefit from greater efficiency and greater freedom to focus on your core business.

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With our MWF check, we provide on-site support. Our experts uncover opportunities for optimisation and provide you with comprehensive advice on everything relating to metalworking fluids.

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rhenus lubrineering

Reduce production costs, optimise production processes and conserve resources – rhenus lubrineering permanently reduces unit costs and improves sustainability processes within your business.

rhenus lubrineering is a concept for genuine added value that successfully combines excellent products with highly specialised process expertise.

Your advantages at a glance


Greater productivity


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Longer fluid
service lives


Minimised wear


Optimised disposal


mproved cost-


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The rhenus lubrineering three-stage plan

1. Analysis

Our specialists undertake a comprehensive stocktaking exercise in order to analyse the current situation, thereby uncovering all opportunities for optimisation.

  • Determination of influencing factors and their effect on overall costs
  • Identification of potentials for optimisation using innovative equipment and measuring techniques
  • Traceable breakdown of actual fluid consumption and costs within the ongoing production process
determining influental factors

2. Concept creation

We develop an individual fluid management concept for you. Often, significant successes can be achieved by adopting very simple measures.

  • Preparation of specifications as the basis for an individual offer
  • Highlighting of potentials for cost reduction as a definition of objectives
  • Continuous reporting in order to meet targets

3. Implementation

We continuously, sustainably and measurably improve your production processes.

  • Optimising determined factors
  • Improving productivity and efficiency
  • Permanently measurable success

Our services at a glance

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Product selection

The choice of the right metalworking fluid depends on numerous parameters. We help you select the best product for your application – taking account of all influencing factors.

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Process analysis

Our knowledge and understanding of the processes used in industry allow us to highlight opportunities for savings and optimisation and to help you become more competitive.

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The storage of metalworking fluids has to meet numerous requirements. We provide support and advice and, if you wish, we can also take over responsibility for your entire metalworking fluid storage.

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Extensive documentation is required for the use of metalworking fluids: maintenance intervals, process parameters or proof of disposal – we handle it all.

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Regular monitoring allows significant optimisations of the use of metalworking fluids: less consumption, longer service lives and minimal contamination of the working environment – rhenus lubrineering covers all the bases.

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