Steel industry

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Protects bearing points even in extreme heat

The entire process chain in the steel industry is characterised by extreme operating conditions. Machinery and equipment are subject to high temperatures, acids, dust, water vapour and other media.

rhenus special lubricating greases provide active protection against these conditions.


  • Reduction of friction, wear and corrosion
  • Full system performance with no unplanned downtime
  • Excellent lubricating effect
  • Reduced grease consumption thanks to longer service lives
  • Long service life of components and machines



rhenus LEC 2

High pressure-compatible (EP) special grease meeting the requirements of the steel industry; developed for use in central lubrication systems on roller conveyors and roller bearings in rolling mills


rhenus CJN 2

Special EP grease for the lubrication of slow-running, heavily-loaded bearings at low to moderate continuous temperatures, e.g. for crankshaft bearings in cold pilger mills or bearing seats in mill stands.


rhenus HHN 15

EP high-temperature grease for the lubrication of heavily loaded bearings at high continuous temperatures, e.g. in the vicinity of pusher furnaces, continuous casters or blast furnaces.

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