Lubricating, cooling and rinsing are the principal requirements for metalworking fluids.

The technological requirements for materials and machining processes demand careful selection of the right metalworking fluid.

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Water-miscible coolants

  • Lower consumption and long-term stability
  • Improved productivity and performance
  • Efficient corrosion protection
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Neat oils

  • High dimensional accuracy and surface quality
  • Less tool wear
  • Low consumption
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Metallbearbeitung Rhenus Lub

Overview of applications

Precision machining

  • Honing and grinding oils for maximum surface quality


  • Highly specialised metalworking fluids for specific areas of application
  • Flexible all-rounders for most types of machining and materials

Special areas

  • Large portfolio of metalworking fluids
  • Aviation approvals from leading manufacturers
  • Also used in medical technology



rhenus FU 800

No labelling requirements, future-proof, high-performance and universal – a true all-rounder for machining applications.



New special metalworking fluids ensure more-modern working processes than with conventional dry machining – with up to 12 times longer tool life and up to 60% higher feed rates


rhenus fluid management

Optimisation of your use of metalworking fluids along the entire value chain by our expert team – from procurement to use and disposal

Broschüre Kühlschmierstoffe EN

Metalworking fluid brochure

Our brochure provides information on the applications, properties and advantages of rhenus metalworking fluids.

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