Bearing technology

With expertise in the development of special greases, Rhenus Lub ensures long-lasting optimum performance in roller and plain bearings.

For long service lives, low maintenance costs and a high level of reliability of machinery and systems.

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Rhenus Lub – the right grease for every bearing

The increasing complexity of bearing technology calls for a multitude of individual solutions. In addition to type and design, the right lubricating grease is also a decisive factor in bearing performance.

This is where the strength of Rhenus Lub lies. In our laboratories, we work according to defined technical requirements to develop greases that get the best possible performance out of your bearings.


  • Large portfolio of special and standard products ready for immediate use
  • Capacity and expertise for specific development projects in-house
  • Improved performance and longer service life for your systems
  • Reduced operating costs



Extreme temperatures

Our low-temperature, synthetic-based greases lubricate roller bearings down to -60°C without any problems.

In the high-temperature range, rhenus greases can be used up at temperatures of up to +300°C.


Lifetime lubrication

Lubricating greases are taken into account as design elements at a very early stage in the development process. For the highest demands on transmissions, roller bearings and plain bearings in closed systems – without continuous relubrication.


Loads and speeds

Whether bearings need to operate at high or low speeds or to withstand particularly high loads, Rhenus Lub offers lubricating greases with a variety of properties. As well as offering an extensive range of products, we act as an active development partner to industry. We’ll find the optimum grease for your application!


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