Rhenus Lub: your partner for smooth processes

Whether it’s with metalworking fluids, lubricating greases or fluid management, Rhenus Lub has you covered. You’re always on the safe side with our products and services.


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% green electricity use at the site


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Why Rhenus Lub?

There are many reasons to choose us. Perhaps most importantly: things just work.

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Metalworking Fluids

You’re sure to find your optimum solution within our comprehensive range of metalworking fluids.

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Lubricating Greases

Our special greases contribute to the success of components and systems in all branches of industry.

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Fluid Management

We provide you with selected fluid-related services – or take over your complete fluid management. Expertise and experience help deliver optimum processes.

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Performance, safety and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive when it comes to our products.

For easy handling and satisfied employees.

What sets us apart

Tradition and sustainability

We take responsibility for our environment. Are you curious about the concepts we apply here? We want to show initiative, rethink things and look to the future. Your challenges are what spurs us on. We act as your strategic partner and work to safeguard your future viability with a courageous and solutions-oriented approach.


High performance, precision and safety - that's what metalworking fluids and special greases from Rhenus Lub offer.

Skin compatibility

The metalworking fluid update for effective skin protection in machining. The skin-friendly 700 series from Rhenus Lub combines health protection and economy

Approvals aviation industry

Bombardier aviation release for high-performance metalworking fluid rhenus FU 70 W


For us, innovation means listening to our customers – and, so that we can respond quickly to what you tell us, 20 percent of our 270 employees work in research and development.

If you’ve got innovative ideas, let’s see what we can achieve together!


Whether you need custom developments for special applications or cost-conscious all-rounders, aviation approvals or food certifications – you’ll find your ideal solution at Rhenus Lub. Try it out for yourself using our product finder – or give us a call!


We treat our customers as partners on an equal footing. Whether it’s a case of putting ideas into practice together or taking work off your hands – we’re on hand wherever you need us to be. Our long success story and list of references are a testament to the effectiveness of this teamwork. Take a look for yourself!