Metalworking fluids and high-performance greases made in Germany

At our company headquarters in Mönchengladbach, Germany, we develop and produce high-performance greases, special lubricants and metalworking fluids to meet individual customer specifications.

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Research, development and production to the highest quality standards

As a system provider, we focus on solving complex lubrication problems – with sound advice and tailor-made products.

With the concentration of all divisions at one central location, we ensure consistently high quality, fast decision making and safe processes.


Innovation – made by Rhenus Lub

Over 20% of our employees work in research and development for new high-performance lubricants. In collaboration with our customers and with research institutions, we apply our chemical and application-specific expertise to the development of formulations for a stable fluid process.

Our innovation management system includes:

  • new products for new applications
  • continual further development of products
  • application- and industry-specific development
  • development partnerships with market-leading customers
  • “customisation” – development to order
  • comprehensive fluid management in the form of rhenus lubrineering
  • process analysis with the Rhenus Lub indicator system.

State-of-the-art production facilities

rhenus quality means achieving key performance parameters precisely and at the same time – because genuine added value is only achieved through a combination of multiple advantages. This quality, for which every employee bears a high level of responsibility, provides you with the necessary production safety and pays dividends immediately.

Our unique rhenus quality is down to the following factors:

  • innovative formulations
  • consistent quality due to production at a single site
  • state-of-the-art production facilities
  • intelligent production processes
  • seamless quality control
  • use of premium raw materials.

In the right place, at the right time

From purchasing to dispatch, we pay particular attention to efficiency and delivery reliability for our customers. Our responsibility for top-quality products and reliable availability is achieved through clear organisational structures and the shortest possible routes at one production site.

Intelligent supply chain management and Rhenus Lub’s global network of subsidiaries and distributors ensure that your special lubricants are always available at short notice and on time – in the right place, at the right time.

Consistently high quality, fast decision making and safe processes.

Metalworking fluids and lubricating greases made in Germany

Sharing knowledge: innovation through collaborative research

We rely on collaboration with respected research institutes, who assist us with their knowledge of chemistry and application technology. Together, we develop innovative formulations for stable, efficient, environmentally friendly and future-proof fluid processes.

German Aerospace Centre (DLR)

We’ve embarked on a strategic innovation partnership with the German Aerospace Centre. In doing so, we’re building important bridges between research and industry, as well as between product ideas, innovation and the market.

By sharing specialist knowledge, we’re developing a new generation of metalworking fluids for the applications of tomorrow designed to reduce tool wear and machining times in the manufacturing of modern materials.

As part of this close collaboration, we’re working on an initial project focusing on metalworking fluids for the machining of fibre composites. Even today, approximately 50% of construction materials in the aviation sector are already made from carbon fibre-reinforced plastic.

Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences

The Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences is one of our long-standing collaboration partners. We’ve been working together to exploit synergies between industry and science for 20 years, creating important links between theory and practice. We’re constantly working to expand this strategic partnership.

Under the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences Germany Scholarship programme, we’re supporting a student from the Process Technology faculty through to completion of his master’s thesis.

University of Applied Sciences Zwickau

Collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau is firmly rooted in the history of Rhenus Lub. For over 20 years, we’ve been researching a wide range of metalworking fluid formulations for the metalworking industry with experts from Zwickau. As soon as our labs produce a promising metalworking fluid for complex machining steps, the product is tested on large pilot systems by the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau in order to verify its suitability for the respective machining process.

In a large-scale study supported by outside funding, the university is collaborating closely with us in order to test metalworking fluids for the machining of carbon fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRPs). The study will reveal the composition that a metalworking fluid must have for the machining of carbon fibre composites in the future.

BiSafe – microbiology and biological safety

With Dr Volker R. Stoldt by our side, we benefit from the help of an expert adviser and specialist on all matters relating to microbiology. With his company BiSafe, the senior scientist at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf has specialised in the safe, efficient, sustainable and legally compliant handling and use of biological agents and biocides.

Since the use of biocides in metalworking fluids has been heavily restricted under the Biocidal Products Directive, research into alternative ingredients is imperative for the future. Working together with Dr Stoldt, we’re researching new preservation techniques for the metalworking fluid sector. Using BiSafe’s bioanalytical measurement techniques, which are extremely quick and yet also precise, we’re obtaining some useful results. As managing director of BiSafe, Dr Stoldt advises Rhenus Lub customers and monitors complex production facilities on our behalf.