Social Commitment

As a company that operates internationally, we take responsibility for our actions.

With that in mind, we stand up for a strong and liveable environment around the world.

Rhenus Lub takes responsibility

Rhenus Lub believes in respect and dedication – and therefore in social commitment at a personal level. In this regard, the family that owns Rhenus Lub focuses on individual, carefully selected initiatives and projects.



Wissenscampus MG – shaping the future with knowledge

Greater innovation, cutting-edge science and improvements in regional integration: with Wissenscampus MG, Mönchengladbach is getting itself in shape for the future. The driving force behind this project is the association of the same name, “Wissenscampus MG”, which brings together a broad alliance of stakeholders from regional industry, academia, politics, administration and society.

As a research-driven family company from Mönchengladbach, Rhenus Lub is also committed to this future-oriented project, which is intended to encourage knowledge generation and structural change in the region.


Student café funding project

Since 2012, Rhenus Lub has been involved in a variety of projects that focus on healthy eating at the Förderzentrum Mönchengladbach-Nord educational centre.

Particularly through its specialised support for each student, which is one of the school’s core values, this institution plays an important role in Mönchengladbach. And Rhenus Lub recognises its significance.


The Global Compact – Achieving corporate sustainability

In keeping with our corporate culture at Rhenus Lub and as an active member of the UN Global Compact initiative, we stand up for human rights, working standards and environmental protection in the long term. Here, the aim is to make the economy fairer and more sustainable within our sphere of influence and to address current problems.


Initiativkreis Mönchengladbach

Since its founding in the spring of 2003, the members of Initiativkreis Mönchengladbach (the Mönchengladbach initiative group) have taken it upon themselves to provide impetus and food for thought in their home city with a view to actively shaping the city’s future and opportunities and promoting its appeal beyond the local area. Rhenus Lub has also been part of this group since 2006, encouraging positive development and not only fostering Mönchengladbach as a location but also supporting its people.


Catholic Peace Foundation

The Catholic Peace Foundation and the Hamburg-based Institute for Theology and Peace that it supports have been studying the ethics of peace for over 30 years, contributing their findings to current political and theological debate. The primary aim is to arrive at a concept for a new doctrine of peace. The guiding principle of the foundation is: “Peace begins in the mind.” As part of a project of the same name, Rhenus Lub has committed itself to acting as a “peacemaker”, facilitating the creation of a new workspace for research in the field of European foreign and security policy.