Energy technology

Rhenus Lub is your reliable partner in the energy technology sector.

Our special greases keep your machines and systems ready for operation even under the toughest environmental conditions.

With our Fluid management, we optimise the use of metalworking fluids in component production.

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Operational readiness

Wind power, hydropower or the generation of energy from fossil fuels – energy systems are complex and must be ready for operation at all times.

Special lubricants from Rhenus Lub protect sensitive components, reduce maintenance costs and are resistant to the effects of temperature and the elements.

Machining professionals

Component production for energy systems calls for precision, reliability and process insight.

rhenus Fluid management supports you in all matters relating to the use of metalworking fluids in machining – for long service lives and low process costs.

Overview of applications

Wind turbines

  • Long-life greases for all applications
  • Long service life and pressure resistance; long maintenance intervals
  • Suitable for use in central lubrication systems
  • Excellent resistance to temperature variations

Component production

  • Wide range of metalworking fluids for all types of machining
  • Long tool service lives, low process costs and maximum precision
  • Suitable for all machining processes and materials, including gear-machining processes such as hobbing or gear flank grinding



Plain- and roller-bearing greases

  • Low friction resistance during start-up, especially in cold conditions
  • Long shelf life
  • Easy maintenance and care


  • Safeguard against wear and scuffing
  • Protection against extreme heating
  • Adhesive lubricants for open transmissions
  • Special EP lubricants for worm gears

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