Under­ground & open-cast mining

Continuous operation at low rotational speeds, exposure to extreme loads, large temperature variations and changeable weather conditions – mining is an industry that calls for top performance.

Greases from Rhenus Lub are developed specifically with a view to maintaining the performance of your machinery in the long term.

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Reliable even under extremely high continuous loads

High forces, high pressures and vibration – mining equipment has to withstand some challenging conditions. Our high-performance greases are specially adapted to this demanding environment.

  • Water- and dirt-repellent
  • Long-term protection thanks to summer and winter variants
  • Biodegradable
  • Suitable for slewing rings, plain and roller bearings (e.g. wheel and large bearings), and central lubrication systems
  • Approvals in accordance with industry specifications

Overview of applications

Wheel and large bearings

  • Formation of a stable grease collar to protect the bearing against e.g. water, dust and external influences
  • Excellent stability against temperature variations and varying weather conditions
  • A wide range of biodegradable greases are also available

Slewing rings and cables

  • Long service life and pressure resistance; long service intervals
  • Suitable for use in central lubrication systems
  • Use for spray and grease lubrication via lubricating pinions
  • Reliable protection against e.g. water, sand, coal dust and other external influences



rhenus CMN 2

rhenus CMN 2 is a calcium-saponified grease and is suitable for lubricating roller and friction bearings within the specified temperature range, even under high loads.

Suitable for applications including the lubrication of wheel bearings on trucks, construction machinery, ground-mounted winders and agricultural machinery, as well as heavy machinery such as earth-moving machines and excavators.

For central lubrication systems in mining equipment or large pieces of machinery, e.g. bucket wheel excavators.


rhenus LBC 15

rhenus LBC 15 is a high-performance lithium-saponified grease and is suitable for lubricating roller and plain bearings under normal and demanding operating conditions. It is particularly suitable for lubrication points that are exposed to high loads and occasional shock loads, as well as to vibration.

For central lubrication systems in mining equipment or large pieces of machinery, e.g. bucket wheel excavators. Excellently suited to use in long pipe and conveyor runs.


rhenus LMN 2

Special multi-purpose grease for the lubrication of excavators and ancillary equipment. For lubricating roller and friction bearings, even under high loads. It was specifically developed as a multi-purpose grease for the lubrication of excavators.


rhenus ADG 0

Fluid grease that contains solid lubricants, for use on open gear wheels, conveyor chains, toothed racks, crane ropes as well as slide and guide rails that are subject to high pressures and temperatures.

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