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Changes in the current series are also possible with Rhenus Lub

There are different ways of winning over satisfied new customers. We worked with a leading supplier to the automotive industry to solve a problem within its current series.

Initial situation

The components of modern vehicles include numerous servomotors – e.g. for electric parking brakes, power windows, sunroofs or windscreen wipers.

One such servomotor has been subject to complaints because the noise inside the vehicle was too loud and was irritating to passengers.

It isn’t possible to make changes to the design during the current series without investing considerable time and money, because the corresponding validation processes are too long and expensive. It is relatively easy, however, to achieve significant improvements quickly and cheaply by changing the lubricant.


Our customer supplied us with newly manufactured servomotors. Particular importance was attached to two key components – the drive unit and the transmission. We conducted an analysis using a soundproof chamber in our development laboratory, and initial measurements showed that the transmission unit was responsible for a substantial part of the noise. For this reason, the drive unit – an electric motor – was physically uncoupled and measurements were taken of the noise level produced by the transmission alone. This yielded an average value of 51 dB(A), with significantly higher peak values.


The reduction gear had a low output speed and a high output torque and was located in a welded plastic housing.  A worm gear and a straight spur gear used as machine elements were also made of plastic.

  • Using various greases, it was quickly possible to achieve a 4 dB(A) improvement in the noise level – a clearly audible reduction!
  • Our customer also received a recommendation for the selection and location of lubrication points. Until that time, the grease for lifetime lubrication had only been introduced at a few lubrication points during production.

Further advantages

The automotive industry features a combination of complex products, challenging development periods and a multitude of components and therefore relies on a comprehensive system of testing and approvals. Rhenus Lub supports OEMs and suppliers in implementing this system, with the following advantages for our customers:

  • In-house analysis, problem-solving and approval tests
  • Use of an approved lubricant
  • Information about the affected OEMs from Rhenus Lub
  • Significantly less effort and costs for suppliers and OEMs
  • Cost-neutral realisation of technical improvements

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