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Rhenus Lub’s high-performance special greases for the commercial vehicle industry. They are mostly invisible to the user and yet indispensable. For the powertrain, chassis, body and interior.

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The invisible components

They ensure durable functions, minimise noise, increase convenience, withstand extreme loads and are tailored to materials with high precision – Rhenus Lub’s special greases for the commercial vehicle industry.

As much research, development and experience has gone into them as into many other complex components. They are mostly invisible to the user and yet indispensable. For the powertrain, chassis, body and interior.

Special greases

Overview of applications


New lubricants for new concepts

At present, the majority of development work is centred on the drive. There are a number of very different drive concepts emerging, ranging from the internal combustion engine and purely electric commercial vehicle, through various hybrid variants combined with different concepts for the supply of electricity. All drive concepts with their varying components and requirements for elements including temperature stability, speed, electrical conductivity and noise damping require adapted lubricants for each individual friction point. Rhenus Lub has been working closely with the pre-development departments of suppliers for many years. With its own testing facility, where the service life for new applications can be tested at various temperatures, Rhenus Lub is able to “look to the future” and provide qualified statements about the performance of new lubricating greases.


For your chassis of the future

Our lubricants are a key design element. They ensure that friction in the ball joints is significantly reduced, thus laying the foundations for active chassis kinematics and actively engaging control systems for vehicle stabilisation, distance control and lane keeping assistance. The functions are made possible by the control of a multitude of electromechanical actuators. These systems are bridging technologies to autonomous driving.


Resistant to environmental factors and good noise damping properties

The lubricant is often exposed to environmental factors. How resistant is it to these?
Rhenus Lub has the relevant testing methods. We test the respective lubricating grease specifically for the plastic, the elastomer of your supplier and any environmental factors. Chemically inert lubricants, which do not undergo chemical reactions, are also available.

Another aspect is the damping of body-borne noise caused e.g. by small gear motors. We have developed greases for transmission lubrication with high damping properties which also permit exceptionally low torques at low temperatures.


The future will be quieter

Friction values and vibrations can be significantly reduced by using rhenus greases, such as in seat and belt adjusters, headrests, covers/interior linings through to window regulators and gear levers. This ensures that all the interior fittings function optimally and disturbing noises are effectively damped or eliminated. We also develop lubricants in accordance with VDA 270 to prevent the development of unwanted odours – for the most stringent requirements for an odour-free interior climate.


Soothing calm in the interior
  • rhenus low-noise greases are particularly pure, prevent noise from developing in the bearing and help to make the driving experience more relaxing.
  • rhenus greases that prevent noise ensure reduced static friction and avoid the stick-slip effect. This effectively prevents squeaking and creaking.
  • rhenus damping greases reduce noises such as knocking and clattering.


Showing initiative, rethinking and looking ahead

Not only do we consider ourselves to be your manufacturer and technology expert for special commercial vehicle greases, we also see ourselves as your strategic partner. We think entrepreneurially to meet your needs and want to play an active part in safeguarding your future viability, competitiveness and value creation.


Special greases for sustainable e-mobility

Whether electric vehicles or hybrid drives, new generations of vehicles are placing new requirements on special lubricating greases. There are many challenges related to the drivetrain with its high torques and we have developed intelligent solutions for these. We have just the right lubricating grease concepts for electric motor and hybrid drives, which are perfectly suited to high levels of heat generation and have the desired conductivity or insulating capacity. And if there is no lubricant that is up to your challenge, we will develop one in collaboration with you.


What makes rhenus special?


It is the combination of optimal products tailored to your requirements and a partnership offering real added value.

  • Global availability
  • Compliant with the chemical regulations in all countries and of all OEMs
  • Approvals in the commercial vehicle industry
  • Expertise in material compatibility
  • Testing expertise and capacity
  • Problem-solving expertise
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