rhenus machining oils based on gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology deliver maximum purity and service with a good price-performance ratio.


New possibilities with GTL technology from Rhenus Lub

Enjoy all the benefits of this complete, high-performance package.



Environmental compatibility and low disposal costs thanks to maximum oil purity



No risks during changeover: our tried-and-tested on-site service supports you throughout the entire process with guaranteed fail-safe operation for your production



Long tool life, reduced wear and maintenance costs, excellent cooling effect and optimum flushing


Cost savings

Reduced consumption thanks to long service life and minimal evaporation



Free of chlorine, aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals, high flash point (>200°C) and minimal mist formation



Low viscosity, excellent foaming behaviour, high flash point

Boost performance and reduce costs with rhenus GTL technology. All information is available to download as a brochure.

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Possible solutions

rhenus professional GTL oils provide an effective combination of performance, innovation and safety.


Grinding and cutting

rhenus EU 12 is a high-performance grinding and cutting oil that is free of aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorine and zinc.

rhenus EU 12 meets the utmost requirements when it comes to the full-form grinding and milling of geared and profile parts – in gear manufacturing, for example. Non-ferrous metals can also be processed with no discolouration.

  • Viscosity at 40°C (mm²/s): 11.7
  • Density at 20°C (g/ml): 0.82
  • Copper corrosion: grade 1
  • Flash point: 202°C
  • Pour point: approx. < -30°C
  • Evaporation loss according to Noack (200°C): < 10%

Full-form grinding of low- to high-alloy steels

rhenus EHM 12 is a special grinding oil that is free of chlorine and heavy metals.

It is especially suitable for the grinding of steel, hard metals and all types of tools.

Our special additives prevent the release of cobalt during the grinding of hard metals. Low viscosity offers good filterability, while the high flash point enables maximum operating safety.

  • Viscosity at 40°C (mm²/s): 11.5
  • Density at 20°C (g/ml): 0.81
  • Copper corrosion: grade 1
  • Flash point: 200°C
  • Pour point: approx. -30°C
  • Evaporation loss according to Noack (200°C): approx. 8%

Frequently asked questions

Take your production to a new level on a lasting basis with the rhenus EHM 12 and rhenus EU 12 professional grinding oils, which are based on innovative GTL technology.

Are there any differences between GTL oils?

GTL oils are what are known as hydrocracked oils. Depending on their formulation, GTL oils can differ from one another. rhenus GTL oils exhibit excellent foaming behaviour and very high lubrication performance. This prevents wear, increases service life and makes the process altogether safer – resulting in significant cost reductions.

What do GTL oils from Rhenus Lub offer?

Thanks to their formulation and special properties, rhenus GTL machining oils offer numerous advantages for users:

  • high flash points (over 200°C)
  • favourable anti-fog behaviour
  • a high level of occupational health and safety
  • effective reduction in fire risk
  • extended tool life, additional cost savings
  • very high lubrication performance
  • excellent foaming behaviour, reduced tool wear
  • clean machine tools thanks to good rinsing properties
  • low evaporation losses and economical use.

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