Neat oils

Neat oils from Rhenus Lub help to optimise production processes, resulting in longer tool life, especially high surface quality, and increased productivity among many other advantages. From cost-optimised all-rounders to metalworking fluids for specific applications, our portfolio is sure to include the right solution for you.

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Optimised for your processes

Neat oils from Rhenus Lub can be seen as “tools” that make an essential contribution to optimising your production processes. With our high-performance oils, we meet the requirements for high quality, cost-efficiency and occupational safety.

For example, rhenus neat oils are used for the following machining processes: broaching, honing, deep drilling, hard-metal and profile grinding, tooth-flank and full-form grinding, and gear hobbing.

The right choice

There are many parameters involved in choosing the optimum metalworking fluid. With their tried-and-tested systematic approach, our expert advisers will help you reach a decision as part of an on-site visit. Among other things, we take account of the following parameters:

  • machining process
  • use of tools and process parameters such as feed rate and cutting speeds
  • materials to be machined
  • manufacturing tolerances and surface quality
  • system parameters such as filling quantity and filter systems
  • statutory regulations.

Use our product finder or contact our team, who will be happy to assist you in making your selection.

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rhenus metalworking fluid product brochure

Here, you’ll find information on current topics relating to all aspects of metalworking fluids.

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Your advantages at a glance


Environmental compatibility and exceptional occupational safety due to high flash points


Cost-effectiveness thanks to high cutting speeds


Low consumption, low foaming


No grinding burn


Reduced wear and maintenance costs


Suitable for the machining of numerous materials


Long tool life thanks to good cooling performance


High surface quality and dimensional stability

Example applications

Schleiföl als GTL

GTL-based grinding oilsGTL-based grinding oils

rhenus EHM 12 and rhenus EU 12 provide an effective combination of performance, innovation and safety.

With their intelligent additives, they’re ideally suited to the grinding and cutting of hard metals, gear components and tools.

Gear machining in top form

rhenus CXS is particularly well suited to the full-form machining of gear wheels. As well as ensuring an excellent cooling effect and optimum filtration, this grinding oil is effective in avoiding grinding burn.

Zahnbearbeitung in Höchstform
Aluminiumbearbeitung Rhenus Lub

First-class aluminium machining

As a high-alloy special lubricant, rhenus DU 42 P offers excellent wetting capacity, forms a uniformly thin lubricant film over the entire metal surface, and adheres securely to the workpiece – allowing you to significantly reduce your oil consumption!

Fluid Management
rhenus lubrineering

We support you
in your success.

We’re experts in everything relating to metalworking fluids – put us to the test!

With our rhenus lubrineering, we support you throughout the fluid management process – from selecting the metalworking fluid to optimising consumption based on indicators.

rhenus lubrineering

rhenus metalworking fluids exceed legal requirements in many areas and offer not only safety but also top performance – in terms of both handling and environmental and health protection.

Arrange a free consultation without obligation now!

Arrange a free consultation without obligation now!

rhenus metalworking fluids exceed legal requirements in many areas and offer not only safety but also top performance – in terms of both handling and environmental and health protection.

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