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Firmly on course for sustainability: Rhenus Lub plants saplings

Reading time: 4 Min. | 05.01.2024

The metalworking fluid manufacturer from Mönchengladbach is steadily expanding its commitment to sustainability

Conservation and climate protection are global responsibilities that call for implementation on a local scale. With this in mind, Rhenus Lub, a supplier of metalworking fluids and high performance lubricating greases, is also pushing ahead with its comprehensive sustainability concept at the regional level.

Sustainability is a particularly important topic for Isabella Kleeschulte, who joined the management team of this traditional family led company as one of its partners in 2021. Indeed, she and a team of employees recently took part in a project to plant gr eenery on an area of land in Ratingen, Germany. Equipped with sturdy footwear and shovels, they planted numerous hornbeam and oak saplings in collaboration with the partner Plant my Tree. “Actions such as these are small but fundamental components of our comprehensive commitment to sustainability and reforestation always represents a sustainable investment in the future,” says Kleeschulte. “Planning is already underway for further projects of this kind.”

To bring this commitment home to its customers, the company also made do without promotional items at its latest trade fair appearance at EMO in Hanover. Instead, the budget envisaged for these items was invested in the tree planting initiative. “For our family business, sustainability is nothing new. We’ve been committed to it for generations and will continue to bolster our efforts in this area, enabling us not only to reduce our own corporate carbon footprint but also to contribute to greater sustainability in our region and on the part of our customers,” says Kleeschulte.

Various initiatives for conservation and environmental protection

Rhenus Lub has been committed to conservation and climate protection for many years. The company uses only certified green electricity and invests in the research and development of products based on sustainable raw materials such as plant based base oils, bio based additives and biodegradable greases. When it comes to packaging its products, Rhenus Lub also favours environmentally friendly solutions that are either reusable or recyclable. This includes using steel drums that can be reused up to 10 times an d actively pushing ahead with resource efficient alternatives such as plastic packaging made from approx. 30% recycled plastic materials. “At the same time, Rhenus Lub is working to switch its labels over entirely to recycled paper in order to save resourc es in that area as well,” says Kleeschulte.

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