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Bombardier aviation approval for high-­performance metal working fluid rhenus FU 70 W

Reading Time: 4 Min. | 12.08.2021


BAMS 569-001 Class A classification covers more than 95 percent of all applications and materials

Mönchengladbach, August 2021 – High-performance metal working fluid rhenus FU 70 W from Rhenus Lub has obtained the aviation approval of business jet manufacturer Bombardier. The water-miscible universal metal working fluid has passed all the necessary tests and is certified according to BAMS 569-001 Class A. This means that users benefit from proven safety in the processing of common materials such as aluminium, titanium, low-alloy steels, chromium-molybdenum steels and other stainless steels. Besides the Bombardier approval, Rhenus Lub already has other permits for its metal working fluid with Airbus and the Safran Group for use in the aviation industry.

E-mobility applications

“rhenus FU 70 W is a leading EP metal working fluid in our portfolio. It delivers great results for various machining operations such as drilling, milling, turning and reaming in the aviation industry and beyond,” says Jörg Kummerow, Head of MWF Sales for Southern Germany at Rhenus Lub. “As a premium product with a broad range of applications, it is also very well suited to other sectors. rhenus FU 70 W delivers excellent results in the automotive industry, such as in the processing of ABS and ESP braking systems which are used in areas including e-mobility.”

Masters heavy-duty machining operations

Perfect for challenging machining operations, rhenus FU 70 W ensures a high surface quality and long tool life thanks to its exceptional lubrication effect. The low-foaming product is also free of chlorine, amines and boric acid. Modern occupational safety rounds off the innovative metal working fluid. rhenus FU 70 W offers users good skin compatibility thanks to its low pH value of 7.5 to 8.8.

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