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Calcium multi-purpose grease rhenus CMN 2:

Reading time: 5 Min. | 29.11.2018

Why an alternative to lithium is a good idea

From trucks, cranes and mining to agriculture and forestry machinery: Multi-purpose greases ensure correct lubrication in numerous fields of application. In addition to good performance, there is another aspect that is just as important in products: efficiency. Current market trends, however, mean that lithium-based greases are now being put on trial. What are the reasons for this?

Raw material prices affect the cost of the grease

The pricing of a product is heavily influenced by the cost of the raw materials used. Even lithium—one of the most important components in today’s most popular multi-purpose greases—is currently under the spotlight, especially with developers and end users. The performance characteristics of lithium greases mean that they are among the most sought-after products. However, a global increase in the demand for lithium has resulted in rising raw material costs, which in turn is driving up the prices of lithium-based greases. For users, one question is therefore crucial: Is there a way to protect yourself against rising costs?

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Calcium multi-purpose grease is more cost-stable in the long term

Rhenus Lub represents the development of products that are not only high performance, but that are also more economical. This also includes closely observing price developments on the raw material market and recognising trends early. For example, if the cost of certain raw materials increases, Rhenus Lub tests alternative components—components that are more future-proof or have more stable prices, for example—at an early stage. The Rhenus Lub development team sees calcium as a viable alternative and is integrating it into new compositions. The advantage for customers is that the calcium product will be much more cost-stable in the foreseeable future, allowing for better economic planning in contrast to lithium.

Equivalent properties of the calcium multi-purpose grease rhenus CMN 2

In industrial applications, it is important that both the price and the performance are right. Rhenus Lub offers an innovative solution to this challenge with calcium multi-purpose grease rhenus CMN 2. The calcium-based grease boasts the same well-known performance level as lithium greases, without the price fluctuations of lithium. rhenus CMN 2 is not only extremely water-resistant with good sealing properties, but is also very adherent and can be used similar temperatures as lithium greases.

Calcium multi-purpose grease rhenus CMN 2 is suitable for a variety of applications and sectors, such as:


Independent and future-oriented — the advantages at a glance:

  • future-proof work with the calcium multi-purpose grease rhenus CMN 2
  • They are not subject to the price fluctuations of the lithium market
  •  You can benefit from a comparable performance to lithium greases


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