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Formaldehyde and formaldehyde depots in rhenus coolants

Reading time: 5 Min. | 03.06.2018


Formaldehyde1 has been classified by the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) as both “Carcinogen category 1B” and “Mutagen category 2”. However, under the directive for the classification of formaldehyde, there is no change to labelling requirements and no obligation to take measurements for manufacturers, users and distributors of coolants.

Important for you: Rhenus Lub does not use pure formaldehyde in its coolants

How does this affect formaldehyde depots?

Some Rhenus Lub products contain formaldehyde depots2, which can release formaldehyde. Products must be labelled only if they contain a concentration of 1000 ppm (= 0.1%) of formaldehyde in its released form. With rhenus coolants, you can be secure in the knowledge that this value is never exceeded.

Even if we are not legally obliged to do so, determining the concentration of formaldehyde has long been a part of the standard measurements at Rhenus Lub. The experts in our laboratory use a Skalar system to determine the maximum possible amount of formaldehyde that can be released from the formaldehyde depot. The measuring method proves that rhenus coolants containing formaldehyde depots can be used safely and without risk.

Following the publication of the directive on the classification of formaldehyde, coolants from Rhenus Lub:

  • Have the full rhenus safety guarantee
  • Do not require any modified handling procedures
  • Are not subject to any labelling requirements with respect to formaldehyde and formaldehyde depots
  • Are totally safe to use after standard laboratory tests
  • Offer a continued choice between products with or without formaldehyde depots

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1Formaldehyde = proportions in free form
2Formaldehyde depots = proportions in compound form

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