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Monnot S.A. demonstrates the skin protection qualities of the metal working fluid rhenus FU 700

Reading time: 3 Min. | 15.01.2021

Monnot S.A. is a French company that was founded in 1934. It is specialised in the production of mechanical parts, maintenance machining and the design of machine tools for cooperage ( At Monnot, experience thrives on innovation. Its modern, homogeneous and continuously updated machine park is housed in spacious and organised workshops at the cutting edge of technology to manufacture high-performance products for export throughout the world.

Having used the metal working fluid rhenus FU 700 for many years, Monnot S.A. tested different products from different brands simultaneously in order to compare the performance of the rhenus product. These tests were inconclusive because unfortunately the skin of the machine operators who used competitor products became irritated.

The Production Manager confirms this: “We have tested other products besides rhenus FU 700. However, these unfortunately caused the skin of our operators to become severely irritated. As soon as we started using rhenus FU 700 again, we didn’t experience any problems.”


The metal working fluid rhenus FU 700 combines everything that is required for optimum skin protection. It is amine-free and thus absorbs less moisture and fat from the skin. At the same time, it is particularly gentle on the skin thanks to its relatively low pH levels.

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