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Moving to calcium-based products at an early stage
stabilises the budgeting process

When it comes to multi-purpose greases, lithium-based products dominate the worldwide market. Two of the main reasons many engineers and users favour lithium greases are their properties and performance. However, since modern multi-purpose greases must be both high-performance and economical, the use of lithium-based products is currently being re-assessed. This is due to the marked increase in lithium prices over the past few months — a trend that will continue according to expert estimates, and is also reflected in the increased cost of lithium-based multi-purpose greases. Engineers and users must now face the question: Is using lithium-based greases still viable in the long-term given the increase in price?

A multi-purpose grease without lithium

To allow engineers and users to plan more securely and with less dependence on lithium, lubricant specialist Rhenus Lub is releasing an innovative multi-purpose grease that is completely free from this ingredient. The new EP multi-purpose grease rhenus CMN 2 is calcium-based, but has an equivalent level of performance and quality to lithium-based greases. This means that users and engineers remain unaffected by the rising price of lithium, without having to compromise on the excellent performance of comparable lithium products.

This was of utmost importance for the development department at Rhenus Lub, as explained by Dr Marco Pfeiffer, Product Manager Lubricating Greases at Rhenus Lub: “With rhenus CMN 2, we have redefined the performance of calcium-based greases — cost planning certainty is of no use to customers if the performance of our alternatives to lithium products falls by the wayside. The only way of guaranteeing success is therefore the perfect combination of performance and cost stability.”

Calcium: At least equivalent properties and less dependence on lithium

Calcium EP multi-purpose grease rhenus CMN 2 can do anything that a lithium-based product can do. It has good sealing properties and can be used at the same temperature as lithium greases. Thanks to its extreme water resistance and excellent adhesion, rhenus CMN 2 even has advantages over lithium-based greases. This means that the calcium grease can be used in an extensive range of applications in many industries, for example construction and agricultural equipment, industrial forklift trucks, lorries, slewing bearings on cranes, mining, shipping, lubrication of pump and press bearings and other general roller bearing applications. “Thanks to the properties of rhenus CMN 2, which are at least equivalent to those of lithium multi-purpose greases, our customers and users are less dependent on lithium and can already start planning for the future,” says Dr Marco Pfeiffer.


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