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New coolant rhenus TU 446 – made for changing machining processes and demanding materials.

Reading time: 4 Min. | 29.04.2019

Innovative product from Rhenus Lub has no hazard symbols and offers users easy maintenance

Modern manufacturing means consistently achieving the best results even with changing machining processes and demanding materials. This makes it essential to have the right coolant. As a lubricant specialist, Rhenus Lub always approaches product development from the user’s perspective – because this is the only way to identify the requirements and develop suitable solutions. The company’s latest offering is rhenus TU 446. This water-miscible coolant combines everything that is essential to users in modern industry: high flexibility in terms of the range of machined parts and materials, and easy maintenance in operation. As well as being extremely user-friendly, the innovative formulation actively helps to reduce costs.

Effective cost optimiser

As well as being a modern and highly versatile coolant, rhenus TU 446 is an effective cost optimiser, as Meinhard Kiehl, marketing director for product management, explains: “Being in close contact with users in industry, we tend to find that they are often only concerned about the cost of the coolant itself. But this is too narrow a perspective. A high-quality coolant like rhenus TU 446 actually has a positive impact on other cost factors. The low-maintenance use of our new universal product extends the change intervals of tools and machines, and because it has a low classification of water hazard class 1, it is also easy to store. This actively helps users to reduce costs.”

The high-quality coolant has a broad range of applications. Suitable for steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, cast iron and titanium, its specific formulation also makes it the ideal machining fluid for especially stain-prone materials such as copper and aluminium. The product minimises the risk of corrosion and discolouration and has also been successfully tested for compatibility with polyurethanes and paints. As well as being suitable for use with low water hardnesses, the coolant offers good long-term stability. This makes rhenus TU 446 a truly user-friendly product that keeps maintenance requirements low while maximising flexibility.

A universal coolant for improved performance and ease of use

Milling steel today, drilling aluminium tomorrow: rhenus TU 446 is ideal for all manufacturing companies which use varying processes and different materials on a daily basis. It is also suitable for the efficient processing of non-ferrous metals and other materials susceptible to staining. The high-quality coolant is optimally adapted to flexible manufacturing while offering very high performance – a very profitable combination that is proving extremely popular with users. Daniele Kleinmann, Head of Product Management for Coolants, explains: “With rhenus TU 446, we’re demonstrating that versatility and high performance really can go hand in hand. Users don’t need to compromise on any feature, and with our coolant they also benefit from very low maintenance requirements. Because it has a low water hazard classification of class 1, storage and handling are also a lot easier.”

rhenus TU 446

The special formulation of rhenus TU 446 not only offers the best possible starting point for clean machines and residue-free workpieces, but also improves output. “This reliable, versatile product also meets high environmental and safety standards, two of the most important requirements of our times. With no GHS pictograms, SVHC ingredients or formaldehyde depots, rhenus TU 446 is an optimum alternative to products based on secondary amines. This means there are no restrictions due to legal requirements and the product is simply a safer option,” adds Kleinmann.

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