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New professional GTL grinding oils combine impressive performance characteristics with innovation and safety

Reading time: 5 Min. | 19.07.2017


Lubricant manufacturer Rhenus Lub presents rhenus EHM 12 and rhenus 12, two new grinding oils based on future-proof GTL technology. These new oils fulfill all requirements and look set to become the preferred lubricants in modern manufacturing facilities in the long-term. The new products are particularly suitable for demanding processes such as grinding hard metals, gearing components and tools, and offer an effective combination of performance, innovation, and safety. With excellent process stability, high lubrication performance and optimised foaming behaviour, the new professional GTL oils from Rhenus Lub offer an ideal alternative to traditional products based on mineral oils, hydrocracked oils and polyalphaolefins (PAOs). The aromatic-free GTL base oil means these oils are also highly recommended from a health perspective. Switching to the professional GTL oils is easy with the Rhenus Lub conversion service: The lubricant manufacturer keeps the process stable during replacement and enables a simple, no-risk changeover.

A powerful complete package

The professional GTL oils rhenus EHM 12 and rhenus EU 12 will take their customers’ manufacturing to a new level. Users will not only benefit from optimised process costs compared to conventional comparator products — thanks to a symbiosis of the new GTL technology and an intelligent additive combination, they are also able to improve performance in the long-term.

One crucial factor for this is the special formulation used in the new rhenus products and their properties: rhenus professional GTL oils have an extremely high flash point of over 200°C and favourable anti-fog properties, thereby increasing operational safety and eliminating the risk of fire. They have excellent separation and enable greater, more effective cooling of the workpiece, while machinery remains clean thanks to their excellent rinsing behaviour. The extremely low evaporation loss of the new products leads to reduced consumption, which in turn has a positive impact on costs. At the same time, the excellent foaming properties help to reduce wear on machining tools. Users can enjoy a considerably prolonged tool service life and additional cost savings.

Conversion service for a smooth switchover

The conversion service helps eliminate risk for customers switching to the professional GTL oils by providing support from the experts at Rhenus Lub. This service ensures the required level of safety during process adjustments, as Meinhard Kiehl, Director of Marketing, Product Management at Rhenus Lub explains: “We have close links with industry and understand that companies need simplicity and safety in their manufacturing processes more than ever. If the process has run with stability once, operators are often unwilling to change. As a result, they may be using oils for which the new and powerful professional GTL oils would be a preferable alternative.”
As a process expert, Rhenus Lub provides consultancy support for the switchover to GTL technology. “We work closely alongside customers during their switchover to our modern GTL products, thereby ensuring that there are no risks to our customers’ production process throughout”, adds Kiehl.

rhenus professional GTL oils set new standards in health and safety

In addition to cost savings and improved process reliability, the professional GTL oils are also setting new standards in environmental, fire, and health protection. For Daniele Kleinmann, Product Manager for Coolants at Rhenus Lub, this is a particularly defining feature: “For employers, it is more important than ever today and in future to not only uphold their duty of care towards employees, but to also actively protect the health of machine operators. Our rhenus EHM 12 and rhenus EU 12 professional GTL oils therefore not only features impressive lubrication performance and excellent foaming characteristics, but also offer optimised health and safety protection: Their low volatility and evaporation rate mean that less oil vapours end up in the lungs of the machine operator, while the higher flashpoint also increases operational safety. As the professional GTL oils are free from aromatics, heavy metals, and any zinc or chlorine compounds, the risk of skin diseases is also reduced.”

Innovative process for future-proof products

GTL oils are produced from a chemical process in which natural gas is converted into a synthetic and therefore particularly pure oil. The absence of mineral oil makes the new professional GTL oils from Rhenus Lub especially future-proof. In addition to the grinding oils rhenus EHM 12 and rhenus EU 12 that are already available, Rhenus Lub is currently developing additional products based on the innovative GTL technology.


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