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Reliably determine lubrication effect

Reading time: 3 Min. | 19.04.2018

Knowing what's coming in with the Tauro tribometer

Achieving maximum process reliability is particularly important for the machining and forming industry. Customers therefore increasingly want to know the performance values of a cooling lubricant for machining their materials before they fill it into their production equipment.

“In order to make reliable statements about this, we at Rhenus Lub use the Tauro tribometer specially developed for the cooling lubricant industry,” says Dr Udo Quotschalla, Head of Research & Development. “With the tribological test system, we already test the cooling lubricant in the laboratory and determine the friction and wear values of the emulsion. The advantage: customers are already aware of the performance values of the cooling lubricant before their practical test and a reduced performance is almost impossible. This is an essential factor, especially with regard to process reliability.”
With the testing system, customers can rely on Rhenus Lub to select the right coolant for their performance requirements. Feel free to contact us for your company.

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