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rhenus hybrid greases improve bearing lubrication in demanding conditions

Reading time: 4 Min. | 31.07.2018


New EP technology reduces re-lubrication requirements and lowers maintenance costs

Roller bearings and plain bearings play a crucial role in pressure absorption during movement in machines and plants. However, bearings can only be successful as key machine components when they are provided with powerful lubrication. To enable engineers and users to obtain maximum performance and service life, the lubricant manufacturer Rhenus Lub is taking a completely new approach with the Premium EP greases rhenus XPN 15 and rhenus XPC 2. Unlike standard greases, the new high-performance lubricating greases take the best characteristics of various types of thickener and combine them with other powerful ingredients to create a completely new composition. The greases, which are based on hybrid technology, are particularly intended for use in wood pelleting plants, construction equipment, mining equipment and all highly loaded bearings that are subject to high loads, impacts and humidity.

Improved performance thanks to special hybrid thickener

The high performance of rhenus XPN 15 and rhenus XPC 2 is guaranteed by their innovative composition, which is based on new special hybrid thickener technology developed by Rhenus Lub. This technology allows users to benefit from significantly improved performance and other application advantages in comparison with conventional greases thickened with Lithium or Calcium. Dr Marco Pfeiffer, Product Manager Lubricating Greases at Rhenus Lub, states: “As a recognised development partner, we know precisely what engineers and users want from a lubricating grease: outstanding bearing service life, reduced re-lubrication requirements, improved performance and an overall reduction in maintenance costs — even in difficult operating conditions.” It is these factors that were the objective right from the start of development. “Our test series show that the implementation of our high-performance EP greases into manufacturing processes has been very successful”, continues Dr Marco Pfeiffer. rhenus XPN 15 and rhenus XPC 2 are based on semi-synthetic oil and protect against corrosion, are water resistant and have good adhesion. As highly mechanically stable products, they also work well when subjected to extreme pressure and vibrations — and with reduced consumption compared to conventional greases.


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