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rhenus TS 440 is the new robust cooling lubricant

Reading time: 6 Min. | 12.06.2018

Current industrial processes are becoming more complex. Technological requirements are increasing and require consistent monitoring of the entire production process. But for many employees, ensuring that the entire production process runs smoothly also means additional work alongside their actual primary tasks. This often results in a lack of time and feeling overloaded. With the water-miscible coolant rhenus TS 440, Rhenus Lub is doing its bit to make things easier for users. Even if production processes are taking more and more time, the same does not have to be said for using and maintaining coolant.

The new, easy way of handling coolants

The uniquely robust composition of rhenus TS 440 is crucial in this regard as it makes the new coolant particularly tough. For Daniele Kleinmann, Head of Coolant Product Management at Rhenus Lub, this also reflects the feelings of many customers: “It is no longer just about developing more effective lubricants. Today more than ever, the market demands resources that are easy to use and resilient.”

rhenus TS 440 is exactly that: a robust and reliable heavyweight in the machining process without any complex maintenance requirements. This means that users can once again concentrate fully on their production work. “We call it the new simplicity: less coolant maintenance and so more time for what’s important. As process experts, we’re doing our bit to help reduce the complex demands of our time, at least with regard to coolants”, adds Daniele Kleinmann.

Optimise costs with rhenus TS 440

This robust lubricant is extremely user-friendly, powerful and efficient, all at the same time. This is important, because whether you’re using a drilling or milling machine, reduced maintenance requirements are of little value if performance falls by the wayside. Thanks to reduced suspending agent consumption and long change intervals, rhenus TS 440 helps users actively optimise costs. Equally, the coolant produces little foam and provides excellent flushing behaviour. This keeps both the machines and their viewing windows clean and prevents adhesion and deposits, resulting in significantly reduced cleaning requirements and a safer overall process.

Excellent long-term stability without harmful ingredients

With rhenus TS 440, Rhenus Lub has shown that an extremely stable lubricant can definitely also be sustainable—something which there is increasing demand for in the market. To achieve this, Rhenus Lub is relying on a new preservation concept based on innovative raw materials, which corresponds to the latest developmental trends. For users, this means an increase in more active health and safety. This is particularly important for Rhenus Lub, as Daniele Kleinmann explains: “We comply with health and safety and environmental protection requirements and have consistently avoided using problematic ingredients such as secondary amines, boron and formaldehyde depots as well as other toxic or carcinogenic substances. This guarantees the best human tolerance.” This is not detrimental to long-term stability because rhenus TS 440 achieves similar results to competitor products that are based on secondary amines. Users no longer have to choose between good performance and excellent health and safety and environmental protection. rhenus TS 440 is biologically stable and free from secondary amines (such as DCHA), so is particularly future-proof.

Rhenus TS 440 Value Stability

Suitable for a variety of applications

An additional advantage is the product’s suitability for a wide range of applications, which is particularly attractive for companies with frequently changing processes. With rhenus TS 440, users get a product that is suitable for grinding, turning, drilling, milling and thread machining whilst remaining flexible for changing machining operations. Despite being developed for steel and cast iron, rhenus TS 440 has already been successfully used for other materials such as aluminium, steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

The bottom line is that rhenus TS 440 is the ideal coolant for anyone looking for a robust, flexible, environmentally friendly and technically sophisticated product — an extremely low-maintenance helping hand.


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