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What does a coolant need to accomplish in modern manufacturing processes? Our customers know this very well: Coolants that reliably perform in many application areas and materials are in demand.

They are products that support users in their daily production without taking up too much time. In a nutshell: a fluid that can be used in numerous applications and simplifies handling in operational processes. That is why we have developed our water-miscible coolant rhenus TU 446 for you.

rhenus TU 446 at a glance

  • Numerous possible applications
  • Top-performing — even for the most demanding materials
  • Simple internal handling
  • Exceptionally low-maintenance and cost-optimised

The coolant with a huge range of applications

If you manufacture under conditions prone to change, you can quickly be confronted with a number of different coolants. A high-quality product that is suitable for all purposes is best — like rhenus TU 446. Different machining processes and a variety of materials? Not a problem for rhenus TU 446 thanks to its wide range of applications. Drilling aluminium and milling steel? This is also easily accomplished with the water-miscible coolant. And that’s not all: you can use rhenus TU 446 for swivelling, grinding and thread processing, as well as for stainless steel, non-ferrous metals sensitive to staining, titan, plastics and cast iron. rhenus TU 446 is a unique product that provides load relief.

Maximum performance and cost savings to boot

Do conventional all-purpose products have drawbacks in performance? With the development of rhenus TU 446, we are proving that things can be different. A broad application range only benefits you if the performance values are also impressive. Thanks to its special formulation, our coolant keeps machines and parts clean — and it pays off! Fewer adjustments, reduced tool and machine maintenance, less waste and decreased risk of downtime help you save costs, while ensuring maximum quality and process safety.

Simple operation handling with contemporary occupational safety

Additional benefits make the lives of users a little easier and safer: With no GHS labels, there are no associated legal requirements that you need to meet. The coolant can be stored without a great deal of effort thanks to its classification in water hazard class 1. This simplifies internal handling and saves you a lot of valuable time. In terms of occupational safety, rhenus TU 446 is a coolant that leaves nothing to desired: With no SVHC substances and formaldehyde depots, rhenus TU 446 is an optimum alternative to products based on secondary amines. This shows that performance and occupational safety fit together seamlessly in modern manufacturing processes.

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Enjoy the new level of flexibility!

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