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rhenus TU 46: The versatile metal working fluid with low maintenance costs

Lesezeit: 3 Min. | 22.03.2021

Various application options and high performance: The high-performance metal working fluid rhenus TU 46 from Rhenus Lub combines exactly these properties. As a boron- and formaldehyde-free universal product of the latest generation, rhenus TU 46 impresses with its extremely wide range of applications. It is suitable for virtually all common materials – from steel, cast iron, aluminium alloys and non-ferrous metals to titanium alloys – and can be used for both machining operations and grinding. “rhenus TU 46 is very much sought-after due to its versatility. But users also value its other properties. Its fine-particle structure and good foam degradation keep machines clean and make this high-performance metal working fluid extremely cost-effective,” says Roland Schwetz, Head of Sales at general Austrian agent INOLUB Industrieservice GmbH, explaining why the MWF is so popular.

Universally tested and highly cost-effective

Practical examples show that using rhenus TU 46 improves production processes. Schwetz made the following comments: “A leading contract manufacturer in Upper Austria has been using the metal working fluid in its central system for five years without any issues or having to make any changes. It has also reported a 30 percent reduction in consumption compared to the previously used product. The process has also become safer overall thanks to significantly reduced tool wear.” Renowned machining companies in Austria, ranging from vehicle and machine tool manufacturers to medical product manufacturers, highlight its low maintenance costs and neutral odour.

“rhenus TU 46 is a real hit among our customers. All essential requirements in machining can be met with just one product,” says Roland Schwetz, expressing his enthusiasm for the problem solver suitable for universal use from Rhenus Lub.

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