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The favourite for aviation: Airbus approval for rhenus TU 560 metalworking fluid

Reading time: 5 Min. | 09.05.2022


Tried-and-tested premium product for technologically advanced machining

Mönchengladbach, May 2022 – Rhenus Lub is further expanding upon its leading position in the aviation industry. With rhenus TU 560, another special metalworking fluid from the Mönchengladbach-based lubricant experts now features worldwide aviation approval from Airbus. The premium product has been added to Airbus approval list AIPS 00-00-010 – a sign of quality for the entire aviation industry. Meeting the latest requirements, the product also delivers a decisive edge in terms of safety, performance and cost-effectiveness.


Ideal for aviation

Whether it’s for turning, milling or drilling, rhenus TU 560 is ideal for the aviation industry. When it comes to the machining of aviation alloys and aluminium, this water-miscible metalworking fluid delivers optimum results and paves the way for very long tool life, especially in titanium machining. However, the range of applications for this efficient special metalworking fluid also includes other materials such as steel, stainless steel, nickel-based alloys and non-ferrous metals. Accordingly, rhenus TU 560 is predestined for the machining of body frame, fuselage and wing components as well as engine parts – and sets new standards for technically advanced machining in the aviation industry.

Further advantages for metalworking companies include that rhenus TU 560 is very low-foaming during use, has been tested for PU compatibility and is very skin-friendly.


Safety of the highest standard

With the new Airbus approval, Rhenus Lub once again demonstrates its international aircraft expertise. The weight-reducing and high-strength materials used in the aviation industry mean that high tool wear, long machining times and special requirements in terms of material compatibility are a matter of course – and the tried-and-tested special lubricants from Rhenus Lub overcome these challenges effortlessly. This is also confirmed by further approvals from renowned manufacturers such as Rolls Royce, MTU, SNECMA, Messier Dowty or Embraer for other products from Rhenus Lub.


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