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The metal working fluid update for effective hand protection in the machining sector

Reading time: 5 Min. | 05.11.2020


The skin-friendly 700 series from Rhenus Lub combines health protection and cost-effectiveness

Hands are now brought into focus more than ever before due to intensive washing and disinfection. Although this is good for hygiene, it does take its toll on skin health. Frequent washing damages the skin’s natural protective acid mantle, leaving it hardly any time to regenerate. This can be particularly problematic for metal machine operators, as the already severely irritated skin is further stressed when in contact with metal working fluids. The risk potential for skin conditions and the resulting absences from work are on the rise. It is better to use skin-friendly products that preserve the skin’s protective acid mantle as much as possible and have a preventive effect – just like the 700 series from Rhenus Lub. The water-miscible metal working fluids are extremely skin-friendly and their performance and price are also impressive.

Growing awareness of active skin protection

The change in thinking in the industry is noticeable. Although effective skin protection has previously only been a minor issue for many production managers, awareness of skin-friendly lubricants is growing, as Daniele Kleinmann, Head of Product Management for Metal Working Fluids, explains: “More and more production managers are examining how they can better protect the skin health of their employees. With our water-miscible metal working fluids 700 series from Rhenus Lub, we are helping those who want to actively counteract the rise in stress to the skin and ensure better skin health for their employees – and all this at a good price.”

Versatility is the key to this. Besides universal products that can be used for a wide variety of applications, 700 series from Rhenus Lub also includes special products that can be used for grinding and demanding materials such as aluminium alloys and zinc.

Kind to the skin and the wallet

The products from Rhenus Lub’s 700 series combine everything that modern skin protection requires. They are free from amines and extract less liquid and oil from the skin, thus reducing the damaging effect. Thanks to the relatively low pH values, the rhenus 700 series is particularly kind to the skin.

And it pays off. The rhenus 700 series not only makes active skin protection possible at attractive prices. As a result of the reduced stress to the skin, skin irritations, allergic reactions and costly secondary conditions can also be minimised. This is a key economic factor, as studies show that about one third of all skin conditions confirmed as occupational illnesses are caused by lubricants.

The 700 series from Rhenus Lub at a glance

  • rhenus FU 700:
    High performance metal working fluid, also suitable for use in non-ferrous metals
  • rhenus FU 710:
    Universal metal working fluid, also suitable for grinding under conditions critical to foam
  • rhenus FU 720:
    Universal metal working fluid, also suitable for soft water
  • rhenus FU 725:
    Universal metal working fluid with long-term stability
  • rhenus FU 730:
    High-performance metal working fluid, suitable for materials prone to staining such as aluminium alloys and zinc, among other things

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