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The winning pair for demanding grinding and milling applications

Reading time: 6 Min. | 27.08.2019


There is simply no room for mistakes when manufacturing gears and gear wheels: every flaw curtails performance and every inaccuracy in the workpiece makes the transmission of force much less reliable. So, it is vitally important for manufacturing companies to choose exactly the right coolant. With rhenus CXS and rhenus CXS eco, lubricant manufacturer Rhenus Lub is giving users the perfect high-performance grinding oils.

The high-performance grinding oils from the rhenus CXS family help manufacturers to machine their products precisely, reliably and, above all, economically. They are ideal for demanding applications that require grinding of gear teeth, tooth flanks and profiles, as well as for practically all milling operations. The rhenus CXS product is based on a high-quality hydrocracked oil and is already an indispensable part of the manufacturing process for many users. Now Rhenus Lub is extending the product family and adding an alternative approach: rhenus CXS eco, unlike rhenus CXS, features a fully synthetic base oil.

For Meinhard Kiehl, Director of Marketing at Rhenus Lub, this is a logical progression: “More and more users are favouring products based on future-oriented GTL technology. With rhenus CXS eco, we can now offer them the perfect high-performance grinding oil on a completely synthetic base. The important thing is this: whether the user prefers rhenus CXS or rhenus CXS eco, both are extremely high-performance, high-quality products that will help them turn a profit.”

Optimum properties

The grinding oils from the CXS family offer really great cooling and flushing performance, which improves the production quality of geared and profiled parts considerably and prevents grinding burn effectively. Both workpiece quality and the tools that are used to make them benefit from this, since the outstanding flushing properties mean machine tools stay clean, while tool service lives are extended at the same time. Even if machine capacity is being fully utilised, the grinding oils continue to work totally reliably, thus increasing the utilisation of production capacity without impairing quality and also reducing process costs.

GTL technology brings even more benefits

As the newest member of the CXS family, rhenus CXS eco even goes one step further, as the combination of a synthetic base oil and the special rhenus formulation creates extra advantages. The high flash point of almost 200 degrees Celsius reduces the risk of fire considerably, which has a really positive effect on production reliability and workplace health and safety. Users also benefit from reduced fuel consumption due to a low evaporation loss and are able to carry out grinding applications that are not only highly complex, but above all, cost-efficient.

Health and safety as standard, universal application

Good to know: rhenus CXS and rhenus CXS eco have been developed according to the very latest standards in terms of workplace health and safety and environmental protection. Classified as Water Hazard Class (WGK) 1, users not only benefit from the best possible protection thanks to excellent skin compatibility, but these high-performance neat oils also meet all the necessary national and international legal regulations, meaning they can be used all over the world.

The rhenus CXS range is there for users, no matter what the application: both grinding oils have been developed for machining low and high-alloy steels, whether in a soft, tempered or even hardened state. Approved for KAPP profile grinding machines, rhenus CXS and rhenus CXS eco are also suitable for grinding on Reishauer, Gleason-Pfauter, Junker, Höfler and other machines. These high-performance grinding oils can be used on all tooth-flank grinding machines too, as well as for milling gear wheels.

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