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Improve health and safety through a skin protection and hygiene plan

Employers must ensure that the potential risk level in the workplace is as low as possible. Of course, this also applies to the use of coolants. Gloves and additional protective clothing are part of the work equipment, but do not guarantee 100% protection against contact between skin and the coolants. This can be problematic from a health perspective, as in the event of contact, skin can become damaged or dried out, or allergies or infections can be caused.

The mandatory skin protection and hygiene plan indicates which skin products must be supplied by the employer, depending on the coolant used. Company physicians or manufacturers of protective products can help select the right skin products. The plan enables production workers to see easily at what time they must apply which recommended protection products. This information is divided into skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care categories.

Skin protection and hygiene, step-by-step:

Skin protection

The skin protection products noted in the skin protection plan are to be used before starting work, after taking breaks and after every wash.

Skin cleansing

Skin must be cleansed using a cleanser (pH-neutral or slightly acidic and containing no scrubbing medium) before breaks and at the end of the working day.

Skin care

The skin care products cited in the plan must be used at the end of the working day.

Correct application is essential

Even when protection products are available, production employees must handle coolants responsibly. If coolants are used in the workplace, employees must not eat, drink or smoke, and must not touch their eyes or mouth with unclean hands. Washing facilities with warm running water and towels for drying must be available in the work area for cleaning contaminated areas of skin.

Production managers who choose a coolant with good skin compatibility can make an important contribution to improving skin protection, as well as health and safety. There are some factors to consider when choosing the coolant.

Free from amine and boric acid to protect the skin

Coolants that are free from amine and boric acid are highly recommended because they are particularly kind to the skin and have low allergy potential. At the same time, coolants free from amine and boric acid prevent the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines. As they avoid these ingredients, they are significantly more skin-friendly and reduce the potential risk to the skin, according to current research.


Employees and companies benefit

Due to the decreased risk potential, skin-friendly coolants are an advantage not only for machine operators, but are also becoming ever more highly rated by production managers and health-and-safety officers. On the one hand, these coolants actively help to improve employee protection. On the other hand, they can reduce illness-related and consequently, in part, costly absences.

Hautschutz Arbeiter

Optimum health and safety as well as high performance

As the innovation leader, we at Rhenus Lub offer amine and boric acid-free coolants in our product range that are just as efficient. They work in favourable pH conditions of 7.5 to 8.5, and ensure excellent protection of the skin and a low allergy risk at the same time. The gentle effect of our products is also supported by tests that measure the skin’s natural moisture loss (TEWL: “Transepidermal water loss”).

With the appropriate rhenus coolants and their intelligent additives, you not only improve health and safety in your company and minimise the risk of skin disease among your employees, but also keep medical expenses at a low level — while also ensuring high performance and long product life.

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