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Bring on the future

Reading time: 4 Min. | 19.02.2020

Knowledge as a resource – more valuable than ever

The world is changing. Old industries are having to reinvent themselves and are becoming increasingly networked and steadily digital. No matter the direction taken, one thing is for certain:

Only those who create the right overall conditions can remain viable in the future. Knowledge, with all of its facets, plays a crucial role in this. Those who want to help shape the future must research with it in mind and think innovatively. Rhenus Lub is an example of how versatile knowledge can be.

„Ensuring economic success with knowledge“

„The digital transformation is shaping our work and lives like never before. At the same time, systematically building and exchanging knowledge is becoming increasingly important. That’s why at Rhenus Lub we support the Wissenscampus (Knowledge Campus) in Mönchengladbach, a modern infrastructure project aiming to step up the collaboration between business and science. With the Knowledge Campus, we are already taking all the necessary measures to ensure future economic success on the basis of science. Knowledge is one of the key resources we intend to support and consistently consolidate, both now and in the future.“

“Knowledge forms the basis for improved products”

“Improving products entails taking a number of factors into account. Our experience and wealth of expertise in research and development play an important role in this. We have a better overview of availabilities, use resources very sparingly and assist customers in making their production more cost­effective and efficient. We attach utmost importance to the idea of collaboration: Collaborating with universities and research institutes and maintaining close communication with industry not only allows us to maximise our knowledge, it also allows us to achieve more as a team. In doing so, we are laying a solid foundation for the industry of the future – for ourselves and our customers.”

“Those who build knowledge also empower the younger generation”

“lt is young researchers in particular who need ideal conditions to turn their ideas and their knowledge into excellent work. Sharing knowledge with one another is just one part of this. There also needs to be companies that facilitate this and identify and foster potential, particularly that of young people. This includes providing support for research projects, for example. As young researchers, we build on our knowledge by combining development work carried out at Rhenus Lub with research projects conducted by other partners. lt is a true win-win situation. Early career researchers enhance their development expertise, while the results are used directly in the company. Customers ultimately benefit from this, too.“

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