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This new development from Rhenus Lub makes working processes even more efficient

Mönchengladbach, Germany, 03/01/2023 – With rhenus TY 155 L, Rhenus Lub presents an innovative metalworking fluid for the varied demands of people, machines and industry. With its special formulation, the water-soluble synthetic product can optimise almost any metalworking process.


Flexibility in application – stability in use

Whether it’s for milling, drilling, grinding or more demanding machining processes such as thread cutting or deep drilling, the new metalworking fluid is suitable for almost all processing methods. Accordingly, it is also universally suitable for use in a wide range of industrial sectors. However, its strengths are particularly beneficial in the semiconductor industry, for which a process approval has already been issued.

Its high stability and good service life make rhenus TY 155 L a machine-friendly all-rounder. The clear MWF not only has excellent foam degradation but is also water-soluble and represents a particularly compelling option for materials that are prone to staining, such as aluminium alloys. These special properties allow it to reduce material costs and shorten machining processes.

Top performance for humans and the environment

In the development of rhenus TY 155 L, importance was specifically attached to compatibility with humans and the environment. The MWF features good skin compatibility with a neutral pH value, and also impresses with its pleasant odour. This user-friendly and multitalented product is declared as being in water hazard class 1 and is GHS label-free. rhenus TY 155 L contains no boron and is an excellent choice for people and nature alike.

“With rhenus TY 155 L, we’ve developed a mineral oil-free metalworking fluid that also meets the requirements of special, hard-to-machine materials and light alloys that are prone to staining.” – Dr Hans-Jürgen Schlindwein, Head of Product Management MWF at Rhenus Lub.

rhenus TY 155 L special metalworking fluid at a glance

  • Mineral oil-free
  • Formaldehyde depot-free
  • Free of silicon-, phosphorus-, zinc- and/or tin-based constituents and therefore directly suitable for the manufacturing of components for lithography systems in the semiconductor industry
  • EP effect (Reichert) at 5% (water of 20 German degrees of hardness): 12 mm²
  • Suitable for the following machining methods:
    drilling, turning, milling, reaming (with HSS/HM), scalping, sawing, thread cutting/forming, deep drilling, surface/cylindrical grinding

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