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Universal metalworking fluids from Rhenus Lub are all-round talents for all types of machining.

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Our universal metalworking fluids: all-rounders for every situation

Frequently changing requirements call for all-rounders: metalworking fluids that deliver reliable performance in all machining situations. At Rhenus Lub, you’ll find the perfect all-rounder for all machining tasks – including flexible machining cells and machining centres at small and medium-sized companies or contract manufacturers. In these situations, high utilisation of the machine capacity and an ability to work uninterrupted are every bit as essential as they are in highly specialised mass production.

One metalworking fluid, many different tasks

An automated CNC machining centre of a contract manufacturer, for example, may encounter many different working steps and materials in a single day:

  • turning
  • milling
  • drilling
  • thread cutting
  • grinding of copper or high-alloy steels
  • machining of aluminium or composites

This is precisely where the universal metalworking fluids from Rhenus Lub come into play.

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For example, rhenus FU 71/2T offers good to excellent performance for the machining of various materials:

  • cast iron
  • steel
  • difficult-to-machine alloys
  • aluminium, brass or copper

rhenus FU 71/2T is low-foaming and meets water hazard class 1 (WGK1).

Universal water-miscible metalworking fluids from rhenus meet the toughest requirements. The advantages for your process:

  • long service life
  • ease of use
  • minimum impact on environment and health
  • optimum foaming behaviour
  • excellent rinsing properties
  • high surface quality
  • close manufacturing tolerances
  • longer tool life

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