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Labelling requirements lifted for simpler use

Reading time: 4 Min. | 17.10.2018

rhenus ACK 2 chisel paste without hazard symbols

Anyone who works with lubricants is regularly confronted with the associated hazard labelling. These symbols provide the user with important information about how the product must be handled to ensure risk-free use. As a simple rule of thumb: If the lubricant does not exhibit any hazard symbols, the user is not required to be quite as careful. This makes handling the product much easier. Rhenus Lub has successfully lifted the labelling requirements for rhenus ACK 2 chisel paste.

High-performance products without hazard symbols

Wear-reducing chisel paste can be used to lubricate components such as the plug tools and wear bushings of hydraulic and pneumatic hammers. Previously, rhenus ACK 2 was subject to hazard labelling due to the copper powder it contains. It is now no longer classified as a hazardous material, but the high-performance composition remains the same.

Dr Marco Pfeiffer, Product Manager Lubricating Greases at Rhenus Lub, explains how this is possible: “In the past, a product’s classification as hazardous depended on the individual components of the formulation and their toxicological properties. The copper powder in rhenus ACK 2, considered in isolation as a raw material, is regarded as a water pollutant. However, new toxicological studies—carried out by Institut Fresenius—have now confirmed that, once part of the finished product, the copper powder in the chisel paste is no longer as hazardous as in its original form”. People and the environment are protected, which means it is possible to lift the labelling requirements.

Label-free chisel paste brings particular benefits

Now that the labelling requirements have been lifted, users can benefit from more than just easier handling. As a result of the water hazard class being reduced from 3 to 1, there are new application possibilities in agriculture and forestry, construction and civil engineering, mining and quarrying as well as other areas. Based on an aluminium complex soap, rhenus ACK 2 chisel paste is shear-stable, water-resistant and oxidation-resistant. It offers good corrosion protection and can be used at temperatures of up to 1100°C.

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