New professional GTL grinding oils combine impressive performance characteristics with innovation and safety


Lubricant manufacturer Rhenus Lub presents rhenus EHM 12 and rhenus EU 12, two new grinding oils based on future-proof GTL technology. These new oils fulfill all requirements and look set to become the preferred lubricants in modern manufacturing facilities in the long-term. The new products are particularly suitable for demanding processes such as grinding hard metals, gearing components and tools, and offer an effective combination of performance, innovation, and safety.

Coolants in the composite machining process


Composite materials such as carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) and glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) are important raw materials for many industries due to their special properties; however, they are difficult to machine. Drilling and machining on these materials are usually dry operations. However, the workpieces often pose a challenge to production managers due to their poor quality and excessive waste. Lubricant manufacturer Rhenus Lub is proposing a problem-solving and forward-thinking approach to working with CFRP: using specially developed coolants in the machining process.

CFRP machining – now efficient


Previously, coolants especially suited to composite and hybrid materials pro-cessing were scarce. However, dry processing, for example of carbon, has its own shortcomings. The fact that the use of a suitable coolant significantly improves both the machining and the results is demonstrated to specialists by Rhenus Lub with its newly developed products for pro-cessing fibre composite materials at capricorn, which manufactures high-quality components at Nürburgring for the finest automotive manufacturers.

Rhenus Lub – the specialist for lubricants

“We view the use of lubricants as a whole and are the leading solution provider to industry.
This is the only way of making our contribution towards considerably reducing your process costs.
That is what makes Rhenus Lub. Our family business has stood for this expertise for generations.”

Dr. Max Reiners, owner Rhenus Lub

rhenus FU 800

In keeping with our long-standing reputation as an innovation leader in the industry, we are entering a new era with our latest generation of coolant.

rhenus FU 800

FluidSafe LubControlSystem

Measure the quality of your coolant. In real time.


Fluid Management - rhenus lubrineering

Save costs in the fluid process: rhenus lubrineering is the unique combination of high performance products (Lubricants) and specialized process knowledge (Engineering).

Fluid management

Composite machining

rhenus special coolant: for top-quality workpieces with minimal post-processing and waste.

Composite machining