Efficient composite machining with special coolants


Lubricant manufacturer Rhenus Lub is ushering in a new era for composite machining with its special coolants rhenus XY 190 FC and rhenus XT 46 FC. Fibre composite materials can now, in comparison with conventional machining operations like dry machining or minimum quantity lubrication, be processed significantly more efficiently.

The FluidSafe moment: The new film about the unique FluidSafe LubControlSystem is online


The FluidSafe LubControlSystem is the only measuring device worldwide to monitor and display in real time the four essential factors influencing the quality and stability of a coolant.

Family business of the day – Adenauer’s oil baron


A grandson of the first German chancellor is now leading a flourishing lubricant business in Mönchengladbach. Max Reiners shakes the test tube, opens it carefully and holds it under his nose. “The smell is often the deciding factor for our customers”, the 63 year-old remarks conspiratorially. The glass container, now being returned to a wooden holder, contains just one of 290 collected formulations in total. It isn’t perfume or drops of another precious liquid that the family owners of the Mönchengladbach company Rhenus Lub are looking after so fondly. They are oils and lubricants.

Rhenus Lub – the specialist for lubricants

“We view the use of lubricants as a whole and are the leading solution provider to industry.
This is the only way of making our contribution towards considerably reducing your process costs.
That is what makes Rhenus Lub. Our family business has stood for this expertise for generations.”

Dr. Max Reiners, owner Rhenus Lub

rhenus FU 800

In keeping with our long-standing reputation as an innovation leader in the industry, we are entering a new era with our latest generation of coolant.

rhenus FU 800

FluidSafe LubControlSystem

Measure the quality of your coolant. In real time.


Fluid Management - rhenus lubrineering

Save costs in the fluid process: rhenus lubrineering is the unique combination of high performance products (Lubricants) and specialized process knowledge (Engineering).

Fluid management


Responsibility is a basic principle at Rhenus Lub - entrepreneurial, social and ecological.